Booking Procedure (Not in use at the moment)

This page is to cover the shooting procedure we have adopted and will adhere to while we balance opening the range and keeping safe and within the regulations.

Shooting will be by appointment only by booking in advance within the designated booking window by emailing:-

To reduce the workload the booking will be opened a week prior to the shoot and closed on the Friday before with the list of shooters will be published on the club website in the post for the relevant shoot on the main page. Some have taken to ignoring this and sending emails to different email addresses and WhatsApp numbers. This was understandable at first and is now becoming annoying so I have a simple solution.

If you attempt booking outside the designated period I will simply ignore / delete the communication and no shoot for you. It can’t be that difficult to email a request for a spot a week before the shoot to:-

You will be allocated a slot on a first come first served basis. If you want an early slot then don’t leave the request till the end of the booking period.

The rules are strict so read the strategy. There will no exceptions.

The regulations are here in full:-

200520 Dorking Rifle Club Reopening Shoot Strategy V1



  1. If you don’t feel comfortable – don’t come.
  2. If you aren’t well – don’t come.
  3. There is a risk in doing this and so you are entirely responsible for any unfortunate outcome.