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This Sunday’s Published Shoot

Unfortunately this Sunday’s shoot is cancelled as the cycle race prevents access to the range. The next shoot in two weeks time on Sunday 14th is scoped rifle and this should be ok however we do need to do some work on the range that weekend so there may be a work party as well / the day before / instead of – not sure exactly what or when yet.

Will keep you posted

The Boar Trophy

We held the annual Boar Trophy Team TR shoot today with teams from Horsham, Bookham, Chichester, Wandsworth and of course the home team Dorking. It was an overcast and, at times damp day but it was well supported and we raised about £265 for the Royal British Legion’s poppy appeal.


After the shooting at 300 yards we held the traditional two minutes silence to respect the fallen of conflicts past and present.

IMG_0488The 300 Yard Shooters.

Instead of the usual 500 yard shoot we moved it to 600 yards to make better use of the club house in the damp weather. the club house was as usual very much appreciated with it being warm and dry with proper facilities and a hot cup of something.

The tem shoot was won by Horsham with 291.27, Wandsworth with 284.28 second. the results are on the page for the team shoot. We were delighted to welcome some new shooters for this TR event.


Of course the catering was once again provided by Barry who not only shoots the deer but makes the sausages himself (they are to die for) and provides them for the club members and our guests at no charge. He has provided this many times of late and we very much appreciate his effort and (very tasty) contribution.


So Thank you to all of you who came along, those who helped, as you contribution no matter how small (and many well above and beyond) who made the event possible.


TR shoot on Sunday 13th

This weekend we welcome teams from Bookham and Sussex County for a Queens 2 shoot (2×10 at3/5/6) so it’s likely to a busy (and possibly wet) day.

It will be an important day in the clubs TR calendar as we are trying to grow the support for TR events. Sussex County RA will be shooting their Autumn Meeting concurrently.

Please make every effort to welcome our visitors and note that as this is a TR competition his will take priority on range space. Scoped rifles will be shooting on the last details at each distance to ensure the competition details complete as required. Don’t let the TR aspect put you off but take note of the circumstances. There won’t be time to zero rifles on the day and you are expected to have your rifles zeroed for each distance anyway. We can’t afford target damage!

See you on Sunday

Knight Cup / Gellibrand Shield plus Shoot Date Amendments

Results, such as they are show on the results page. Nice day for shooting and we had more shooters than those that handed in a score. I am sure I could have put in a decent score if only I hadn’t lost the screw that fixes the sight to the Rifle (Bugger) If anyone picked one up at the last 500 shoot I would be grateful for its return.

There have been a couple of tweaks to the program.

The shoot on 23/7 is going to be a 200/300 Practice

15/8 will be the Modern McQueens 3

The forms have been updated as required. The Club House moves forward. The floor finish is going down in early July. I am told the interior is fitted out. There are still things to do but we are nearly there. A bug Thank you to Frank & George who have spent many Fridays on site sorting out the builders.



Practice Shoot 1st February

Well that was chilly, especially for all those who turned out at 8am to help with the targets. We have traced problems to the communication between the targets and the firing point together with part of the mains supply. Luckily Sid was on site who is an electrical engineer so he deserved a big thank you from all of us for his assistance.

We got the targets running and this should be ok until the new ones arrive and we can set up the new targets and re wire the supplies with more up to date connectors.

After the investigations we got off to a later than normal start but the 29 members present has a decent and trouble free shoot thereafter.

And the club house?  Coming along nicely!

IMG_1151 IMG_1150

The next shoot is the match against Horsham AKA the Penguin.

303 at 300 and 7.62 at 300 or 500 – it may change on the day.

See you then


Service Rifle 1 18 January 2015

Results are on the relevant page and some more photos of the club house going up are on the photos page along with a video of a large chap shooting the optional practice 5. The M 14 seemed to work ok.

So despite the dire forecasts we didn’t get any snow and although it was damp for most of the morning we didn’t get nearly as wet as last time. The results should show that the two fat blokes with the modern straight pull service rifles (L1A1 and M14) should have cleaned up and thrashed the WW2 Service Rifle shooters – we thought we had it in the bag. Hah!!

We didn’t figure on Connors shooting the club No 4  with Partizan Ammo – you know the gun that no one can shoot and the not particularly good partizan ammo. Trounced everyone with a score of 165 Admittedly this is out of 5 details not 4 but still excellent shooting and proving that the club No 4 is much better than we give it credit for. As ever the ‘nut behind the butt’ makes all the difference. Vince also shot well with a 152 who is a relative newcomer so all the traditional stuff about ammo and experience rather goes out the window. Aah well back to the drawing board.

Still never mind it was a good day overall and it looks like we will stick to 5 details in future time permitting and may well make the final detail unlimited shots in 1 minute so bring more ammo.

The next shoot is a practice but we don’t have any more information on the targets so we will advise the position closer to the time on this site.


The Boar Trophy

Thanks to all of you who turned up today. We had 36 shooters and teams from Horsham, Leatherhead, Bookham, Epsom, Surbiton,  Chichester and of course Dorking.

The weather was kind with sunshine all day despite the terrible rain all week. The low winter sun made the 500 yard shooting very difficult for most of us and it was a very gloomy sight picture.

The top individual shot was George Cotton with an impressive score of 100.16 and he captained the winning team of Horsham with an overall score of 386.45.

Barry and his helpers Franco and Alistair manned an excellent BBQ with the famous Venison Sausages donated by Barry for the day so a big thank you to them.

The shoot as ever is in aid of the Royal British Legion and we held the traditional two minutes silence at 11am. We raised £236 for charity so a success all round.

The results are on the relevant page and apologies if I have missed anyone or spelt their names wrong. I was working from a score sheet supplied by someone else (that’s my excuse).



Practice Shoot and the next TR shoot

To those of you who attended today you will be aware that the targets are playing up again. This is a new problem we have not seen before and we will attempt to fix before the next shoot. If we can’t reliably fix the problem we may have to make the next shoot a practice so keep an eye on the web site and we will post an update if we get any news.

On a positive note the shuttering work for the clubhouse is progressing well.


The Devon Tankard

This shoot is on. We welcome a team from Epsom who will get the numbers up. The course of fire is up to 5 sighters and 10 to count. As this shoot falls outside our normal program it is restricted to .22 RF rifles only. There is no provision for any other calibre.

The Shoot was completed despite the targets and the results are posted on the relevant page.