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Sunday 30th Arthur White/Garrick Cup – Update

Update Tricky looking weather today so we decided to start at 600 in case the weather turned truly awful or cleared up. As it happened it cleared up and we had an enjoyable and busier than expected shoot. The event was strongly contested with Ryan winning the TR with 148.18 ( 2×15 shoot) and the Scoped being won by Dick with 150.27 pipping Neil B by 1 V bull (that’s how it goes sometimes). We didn’t in the end get wet so it proves that whatever the weather app shows its worth coming a long as you never know how it will turn out.

The next shoot is the Boar Hill Commemorative shoot on Remembrance Sunday (13 November) where we raise funds for the Royal British Legion. Come long to that and support the veterans and we may even throw in a sausage roll or two.

Sundays shoot is the Arthur White/Garrick Cup. This is a 2 x 15 at 300 and 500 yards. Its for scoped Rifles and TR so there is something for everyone. We have the Boar Hill annual charity shoot coming up on the 13th November so it may be time to brush up on the TR skills!

The weather may be changeable so we will see how it goes on the day.

See you on Sunday

PS – Don’t forget the clocks go back on Saturday Night

McQueens 2 Sunday 2 October

Sundays Shoot is the McQueens at 300 yards. I expect most of you will have shot this before so it needs no introduction.

It does take quite a bit of organisation so please be ready for your detail and do your turns in the butts or we cant get everyone through.

We may try the McQueens pairs if there is enough people to interested and enough to manage the butt crew.

So see you Sunday

Sunday 4th Gravett Cup and Sussex Autumn – Update


Scores on the results page. A select band attended the shoot including shooters from Sussex County RA. We managed a team shoot and being short on numbers we had Rob B in both teams (he is a member of both clubs) to make up the numbers. Dorking got 570.39 and Sussex 483.17 Well shot all.

The Scoped rifle was strongly contended with three scores of 150 and Neil B winning with 150.24.

Overall and excellent shoot with three distances shot and no wet weather. Lets hope it remains dry for the next shoot being a Gallery Rifle at 100.

Sundays shoot is 2 x 10 at 300 / 500 and 600 and is primarily a TR shoot with 5 guests from Sussex County RA coming along to shoot along side. So Dorking will need to put up a team if we can and see how we do. My TR shooting is not up to much these days so I could do with a hand!

As usual with these things the TR shooters will be on the first detail and then the others following on. It looks like the weather will be ok so we will get a good three distances in.

Dont forget no one is excluded and just because we are shooting TR all are welcome.

See you on Sunday

Scoped Rifle 2 Sunday 7 August & AGM – Update

Update – Scores are on the results page – well shot everyone. It was quite tricky and the times were tight on some stages, (as I found out) still if it was too easy it wouldn’t be interesting. Note – The results have been updated as I first posted the wrong file and then missed Mark V off. Apologies all It should be ok now.

The next shoot is a practice at 500 and 600. We may have to amend this to 300 and 600 as the undergrowth is a bit high making 500 a bit tricky at the moment. See you then.

Sundays shoot is Scoped Rifle 2. We will be at 300, 500 and 600 yards. The course of fire is on the COF page so have a look and be prepared. If there is time there may be the opportunity for some extra shooting at 600 once the schedule has completed.

We may have trouble at 500 seeing the targets (foliage growth) but we will see how it looks on the day.

See you on Sunday.

AGM Update – We held the AGM after the last shoot and it was completed without and issues. We have re-elected the current committee and its generally Business as Usual. The accounts are slightly in deficit as it costs a fair but to run things and the fees don’t really cover it. Unfortunately the fees are going up to £140 for non NRA members and £120 for NRA Members for the next renewal. Its still only about £6 per shoot so its still good value and we endeavor to keep costs as low as possible. I cant remember how long it is since we increased the prices and its a sign of the times.

We are always open to suggestions or questions from the members so if you wish to ask something or make a suggestion then feel free. Just remember that the club is run by volunteers.

See you on the range

Service Rifle 4 Sunday 10 July Update & AGM

Update – Hot day but pleasant in the shade! Enjoyed by those who came along. Scores are on the results page.

AGM 24 July at 1pm. The next shoot is a 300 and 500 practice and the AGM will be held afterwards as we now have the accounts to hand and need to complete the AGM that has been delayed for a few years for the usual reasons.

See you then

Sundays shoot is Service Rifle 4 and the COF is on the Course of Fire Page. Please have a read in advance and be prepared as I expect that we will be fairly busy (Given the heath fire at Bisley!)

So you know how these work, 52 rounds min and varied practices to keep you on your toes. Good weather so Whats not to like?

See you then

Mc Queen Shoot Sunday 26 June Update


Scores are on the results page. To save blushes of some I have not named (and shamed) those who had trouble with the wind and missed. Well shot all, we have done better but it was breezy and there was a lot of heat haze.

We welcomed a team from Seal RPC who came along for an informal shoot. I took the top 4 scores from each club and posted Dorking with 198.28 (ex 200/40) and Seal with 147.14. to be fair to our guests it was an unfamiliar range so I’m sure they will thrash us next time.

Seal very kindly provided a trophy for the top score that went to Dan T with 50.7 so we are very grateful for that and made me feel a bit guilty we didn’t provide a similar gesture. I will think of something suitable next time.

So a busy day and great fun. The next one is a Service Rifle. – See you then.

Sundays Shoot is a McQueen at 300 yards. We are hosting some visitors from the Seale Rifle Club so there will be about 6 extra faces for an informal competition. Please make them welcome.

Most of you know the drill for the McQueen so be ready, prepare your kit and pray for good weather and working radios

Queens 2, Sunday 12 June – Update

Sundays shoot is a 2 x 10 at 300 / 500 / 600 yards. Nominally a TR shoot so the TR shooters will shoot on the first detail so as to avoid the MB rifles.

All are welcome so there will be a category for TR rifles and Scoped Rifles.

Not much more to say at this point so hopefully the weather will be fine and we will see you on Sunday


Scores on the results page – Well Shot all. Great day enjoyed by all who attended (I think) Need more practice on this TR thing.

The next shoot is a McQueen at 300 so see you then.