Course Of Fire

Some of our Shoots are Service or Scoped Rifle and we publish a course of fire in advance. Check here for any last minute update to the Course of fire for a forthcoming shoot. We should have these available the day before a shoot.

2020 Dorking Christmas Shoot

191124 SR5 Course of Fire

190707 SR4 Course of Fire

190512 SR3 Course of Fire

190331 SR2 Course of Fire

190303 Scoped Rifle 1

190203 SR1 Course of Fire

181209 Dorking Christmas Shoot

181125 SR5 Course of Fire

McQueen Course of Fire

180805 Scoped Rifle Shoot

180708 SR4 Course of Fire

180513 SR 3 Course of Fire

18041 SR 2 Results

180401 SR 2 Course of Fire

180304 Scoped Rifle Shoot

180204 SR 1 Course of Fire

171126 SR 4 Course of Fire

170806 Scoped Rifle Shoot




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