Leglislation Information

Here we have notes and information relating to proposed Legislation changes. These are for members information and do not necessarily reflect the options of the club. Contributions or relevant information is welcome.

An update on Lead ammo etc

Legislative Update 3 Q 2022

A note from ThomJ

210122 Consultation Comment

The latest Compensation Details re LR’s and MARS Rifles


Please consider signing this petition

Could you circulate this to all Dorking gun club members for them to sign and to circulate to other shooters and gun clubs. It may be my guns now but if they get away with it , it will be your guns next! This is to ban .50 calibre rifles, MARS rifles and Lever Release rifles.
Could also include bolt actions rifles and under levers the way the act is worded!

Petition to remove weapons ban from the new Offensive Weapons Act.

Please sign and forward to all other shooters IT WILL BE YOUR GUNS NEXT!!!


Hansard discussion on the firearms bill – makes interesting reading – they are not all against us and some have realised that we have committed no crime.


The latest on the ban is below courtesy of the 50 cal association.

You need to do something about it.

180622 Leglislation

New items from the 50 cal association added

letter to MPs (version 2)

FCSA position statement letter to MPs (005) evidence base assessment

180526 50 Cal statement

letter to MPs (005)

evidence base assessment

Airgun Petition


Something to send your MP

Consultation response annon TJ

Update on Home Office 50 calibre consultation

Appendix to letter to MP

Draft MP Letter