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For Sale contact Rob

Eddystone Pattern 14 rifle .303. This rifle has been unmolested by the Weedon Repair Standard (WRS) – it still has its original front and rear volley sights (although the rear volley sight is in the case as the rifle is currently set up for Service Rifle B with a Parker Hale PH5B target rear sight. The rifle has the Eddystone ‘Fat Boy’ stock. The rifle is also unusual in having both English and German (I believe German Imperial) proof marks which suggests the rifle spent some time in Germany and may well be why it was spared the WRS. The bore is very good and the rifle has won its fair share of competitions. £700



Details and photos of my Nightforce Benchrest scope.

8-32×56. CH3 Reticule (Fine crosshairs with a floating dot in centre. The dot is illuminated but it’s fairly faint)

50 MOA adjustment Elevation and Windage. .125 Clicks (1/8)

Comes in box with screw-in caps (OBJ cap has a small dent in it but threads are Ok.)

Included Accuracy International one piece mounts (Picatinny). 34mm with 30mm inserts.

The scope is in generally good condition, the focus ring has a few very light scratches.

Elevation changes are spot on. Adjusts 100yds to 600yds and back perfectly every time.


Contace Neil at the range or via the web site contact page.