Here is the results page for 2017 (and previous) Shoot Result

Note – For security Reasons We have removed all the historic results. In future we will post the results with the names as First Name / last initial. Previously this was first initial Last name.

The results historic results are available on request.

190414 Classic McQueens

190331 SR2 Results

190217 Penguin

190203 SR1 Results

181209 Dorking Pairs Christmas Shoot

181125 SR 5 Results

181111 Boar Hill

181028 A Whyte & Garrick

180930 Mc Queens Results

180902 Gravett Cup.

Barclay cup 2018

180805 Scoped Rifle 2

180708 SR 4 Results

180624 Modern McQueen

180610 Knight Cup & Gelliebrand Shield

180513 SR 3 Results

180429 Kirby Cup Results

180415 McQueen Classic

18041 SR 2 Results

180304 Scoped Rifle Results

180218 Penguin Results


180204 SR 1 Results



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