Here is the results page for 2017 (and previous) Shoot Result

Note – For security Reasons We have removed all the historic results. In future we will post the results with the names as First Name / last initial. Previously this was first initial Last name.

The results historic results are available on request.

210523 Service Rifle Results

200301 Scoped Rifle 1a

200202 Service Rifle 1

191208 Christmas Shoot

191124 SR5 Results

191110 The Boar Hill Results

190901 Gravett Cup and SCRA Autumn

190818 Barclay Cup

190707 SR4 Results

190623 Modern Mc Queen

190609 A Whyte

190609 Gellibrand Sheld

190512 SR3 Results

190428 Kirby Cup

190414 Classic McQueens

190331 SR2 Results

190217 Penguin

190203 SR1 Results

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