Membership & Guests

At Dorking & District Rifle Club we are normally pleased to consider applications for membership from experienced shooters who are holders of a current Fire Arms Certificate (FAC). If you have questions then contact us using the form below. We do have a section for junior members (under 18) accompanied by a FAC holding parent.

If you what to discuss shooting and how you may get involved then whilst the Home Office has a number of regulations we have to comply with you are welcome to arrange to visit the range and discuss  your plans. Advise is free.

If you wish to bring a guest to the club then a visitors form must be completed and submitted to the membership secretary at least 48 hours in advance. Visitors will have to have their own Insurance as the NRA has specifically excluded Non members or non probationary members from our cover. This is their condition not ours unfortunately.

The forms are below in Word and PDF

Visitors Form

Word Dorking Visitors Form 2023 onwards

pdf Dorking Visitors Form 2023 onwards

If you are interested in joining the Club are required to complete a membership application form for record purposes, See the link Below whether or not they subsequently wish to join the Club. The police will be notified of all applying to join.

With your membership application you should submit a passport photo a cheque for £60.00 and copies of any relevant certification including a copy of the front page of your FAC, Any Certificate of Competency, RCO Qualification etc.

Probationary Membership

Word Application for Probationary Membership 2023 V3

pdf Application for Probationary Membership 2023 V3

Dorking Members Briefing

This document has details of the club rules and conduct of shooting. It is required reading for all members and in particular probationary members. You never know there could be a test!

Members Booklet 2013

Shooting Record

You need to have a Shooting record to record your attendance at shoots and the firearms used. This is essential for your FAC Renewal. The form below can be used to record your attendance. Members should return a copy of your record at the end of each year to the secretary and retain the original for your records. this process will be updated with a signing in process at the range to comply with revised Home Office Regulations.

Remember No Record – No Renewal

pdf 2023 Shooting Record

xls 2023 Shooting Record

Membership Renewal Form 2024

pdf Dorking Renewal Form 2024

word Dorking Renewal Form 2024

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