Here we will add a small selection of range photos – Click on a photo to see an enlarged view


Work party 2023 photos

Be Prepared

Convertible Sighters059


Some Kit

Wind Damage

Gallery Rifle Shoot Autumn 2017

img_2066 img_2062


161113-range p1000640 p1000639

img_0966 img_0936 IMG_1356



P1000121 P1000120 P1000119

Club House

Inside P1000115 P1000114

Mc Queen Video

P1000079 P1000078 P1000077 P1000076

Rapid (ish) fire

The club house is going up

P1000031 P1000030 P1000028 P1000027

The Club House Arises

Some of the shooters at the Hero Shoot


McQueen Hardware


New Target Shed Roof


Now three McQueen Targets & Front wall sand fill

photo 5


Picture 010Picture 008

Picture 014Picture 018



Fumble Fumble

Picture 064

Not Quite an Enfield

Picture 065

The new Barricades in use

Picture 067

The All Important Brai Team


The Shooters at the Boar Hill


The Boar Hill 300 Yards Detail 1

Picture 063

Temporary breach flag!


At last somewhere to put your kit

Picture 059

Seating at 500 what a relief!

Picture 061

Some of the guests now able to take it easy

Picture 057

Water point now installed at 200


100 yard all weather point

Picture 054

I thought it was scoped Rifle


The 600 shooters


Now the butts has a shelf at each station and a white board for adding up the scores and writing the course of fire. No more stuff in the dirt.


The new target – before it got shot at!


The new target faces are a hole rather than a black


Need a hand sir? – the new hand rail and steps at 100 yards we may have to rebuild this firing point as well but that’s under review.


Looking up the range, note the 500 yard flagpole has been moved to be more in line with 300.

We will be adding a new flag in line at 400 yards so we can have half a chance of understanding what the wind is doing.

Picture 052

Remember when it was like this. Luckily on this day it was so cold the mud was frozen solid!

Picture 182

The new 500 point now fenced

New Image2

Looking down the range from the butts. Great view, more of you should try it!

Picture 038

Looking up the range from 600 yards

Picture 049

The new 500 Yard firing point, next week we add the fencing and seating

Picture 032

The New 300 yard Firing point

Picture 034

The new Dual 200 yard point. All weather shingle and turf.

Picture 035

Kit for testing the targets before the shoot starts

Picture 041

One through each target with a .22 before we start at 9.30 ensures things are working before rounds of 7.62 at £0.70 a pop go up the range and don’t register. Cheaper and quicker.

Picture 042

600 yard target close up, Note the shot holes all over the place

Picture 039

As Above after a while!

Picture 040

This is the Butts. More of you should see this and maybe help set up and clear away!


The crowd at the Barclay cup in 2013

Picture 046

This is a target number. It is under the target. It is not supposed to have holes in it!!!!

Picture 044

Scoped Rifle

We shoot in all weathers

Sometimes you only a bayonet will do!


.22 at 200X

Smallbore TR at 200 Yards

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