Program Updates & Reloading Course.

We have had to move a few things around for a variety of reasons. Mainly the proposed work party needs to take place when the weather is better so this will be later in the year.

The Work party / AGM is now cancelled for the 12/3/17 It was a non shooting day so we are not missing any shooting.

The AGM will take place on 30/4/17 after the Kirby Cup.

We have created revised program forms and attendance records following the date change.


xls & pdf versions



The shoot on 19 March may be a TR match against Chichester if we can get them organised. It will be open to all as a practice anyway at 300 and 600 yards.

Beginners Reloading Course

Beginners reloading course on Tuesday evening 21 st March starting at 7 pm for 2 hours and then a pint in Dorking. this is being run by Graeme Cole and Phil Bassett at the club house. We have 6 people interested but if you want to join the fun then please contact Graeme direct at

Finally we have not forgotten about the RCO course. We are still sorting out the details with the NRA and will have room for about 15 members. We will let you have the details in due course.

If  you have not renewed your membership please do so or let Chris know you wont be renewing. We have a number of people interested injoining and if you dont want to be a member then we can use your place. If you do then please can we have your renewal payment.

The Penguin – Updated

This weekend sees our first comp of the year. It’s the annual match against Horsham Rifle Club and is so names as its often cold.

The shoot is 2 x 10 at 300 with a 303 and 2×10 at 600 with a 7.62. ITs a TR shoot but all are welcome providing you stick to the course of fire. Note we will get all the TR shooters on the first details and segregate the muzzle break shooters to their own details etc.

As the 303 rifles are getting a bit long in the tooth we would hope you are only going to bring along one in good condition that you can hit the target with. We cannot afford to have the equipment damaged.


The shoot went well with a good turn out – too busy to count and we welcomed a number of new faces. The actual match was The Penguin, was shot with 303’s at 300 and that is where the majority of points were lost (excluding Rob B who managed a 48.6 with a 100-year-old SMLE). Horsham won with a score of 344.30 against the home team with 336.14.  Scores on the Results page.

It is fair to say that all the Horsham members are also Dorking members so we could swap them about and change the results accordingly.

Anyway everything worked, it wasnt cold and we didn’t get wet so job done.

We have the AGM and work party coming up but there may be some changes in the program so keep an eye on the web site for announcements.

The next shoot is a scoped rifle one and we are going to try some different targets, Fig 14/12 & 11’s to make it a bit more challenging.  Having said we are going to change things I now have to work out what we will do exactly. IT will be a bit experimental so be prepared to be flexible and to also do the on/off the point and marker changes quickly so we don’t get held up too much.

Todays Shoot and Service Rifle 1

Unfortunately I couldn’t attend todays shoot due to work commitments but I understand there was a strong turn out despite the cold. Due to further work commitments I can’t run the Service Rifle shoot in two weeks time either (Back from one country and off to another)

So the next shoot will be a 300 Practice I will swap the Calender about and fit the SR1 in later.

Sorry about that.

I do have some pictures from todays shoot.

img_2169 img_2165 img_2160 img_2147

Who says being in Beirut is’nt fun – in fact its a great place!

See you soon


Reloading For Beginners

Graeme Cole has offered to run an Introduction to Reloading evening in March depending on the interest. I know a number of you are interested in this subject so if you are then contact Graeme at the address below and we will organise the details depending on the interest. It will be held at the club house.

Graeme intends to discuss the following topics and get your started on the basics:-


1 . The advantages of home loading

  1. Basic principles of ballistics and reloading
  2. Safety principles . Manufacturers load recommendations. Black powder reloading differences.
  3. Demonstrate case preparation and single stage reloading.
  4. Advice on available products
  5. Handout on suggested suppliers of components.
  6. Adjourn to local pub for debrief

Starting at say 7 pm one weekday evening and finishing at about 9pm. Debrief after this.

Sounds like an excellent idea so contact Graeme to register your interest.

The next shoot is a Practice and it will be a Gallery Rifle style shoot at 100 yards.


The Hero Shoot

For the hardy members went to the range today for the year opener Hero Shoot. So named for those who come along in the bad weather in previous years. Fortunately we had good weather for the time of year. We had quite a selection of guns on show from Black Powder Snider Carbines to the latest Nimrod and MARS rifles.

All Good fun


Once a long time ago I met two blokes on a range (Steynning) long since closed. One was a keen advocate of the L1A1 and from what I remember he was about the only one I who could ever shoot one decently.

If you want to know (many, many years later) how make an old man happy, put one in his hands again.

img_2063 img_2066

Happy Days.

For those who are wondering about your membership renewals these were all emailed out before Christmas so fill it in and return it to Chris the membership Secretary (now on the dark side as a happy owner of an AR15).

If you have lost the form then another copy is here:-


The next shoot is a further practice at 100 so bring your toys and get your rifles properly zeroed for the year.