Modern McQueens

Busy day today I gather with over 36 in attendance so a nice day for a shoot. Pity I missed it but I doubt I could have beaten the high scores we saw.

I don’t have any pictures of the day so if anyone has any the send them to me and I will post them

The scores are on the results page. I can’t covert the file to PDFs from here so that will have to wait. The file is an xlsx format so if you can’t open it I will create a  pdf when I get home

So well shot everyone and I’ll see you at then next shoot.

I hope it didn’t rain but if it had then I doubt there would have been so many

Anyway I hope you enjoyed it

I had to put up with a different view today


Scoped Rifle Results

Great turn out today 21 score cards handed in ane many more shooters came along for a blast as well – Not sure how many as there were too many to count. The work and effort yesterday paid off and we had all 4 targets working without a hitch so great work all.

The shooting was decent and the top score went to Alistair S with a score of 149.27 Barry was second with 148.21 There were two more scores of 148.17 from Vince and me but he won third place on a 600 countback finishing 5,V,5 and i finished V,4,V – Vince I know you are watching – I don’t always fix the scores!

However having said that this was round 2 of the scoped Rifle shoot and the overall winner of those who put in a score for both events with 293.29 (X300) was er,me. So Vince perhaps you are right. The scores are on the results page and no, I don’t fiddle them.

We had some fun as well and Phil had a new toy that we had to try out it’s a 5.56 MARS Trigger

release VZ58 –


Means the trigger on the first pull releases the working parts forward and then a second pull fires. Its a lot of fun and we only wish Phil has bought along more ammo for us!

There was a big pile of sandbags in the butts – they needed shifting.


The committee has discussed how to move these for ages and we have had many suggestions of mechanical means and witchcraft / helicopters etc. In the end it was a very old-fashioned human chain. We did this in between 300 and 600 stages (that way everyone who was present got to help!)


Two lines filling the butts completely and we shifted 4 pallets worth of sandbags in about 15 minutes with very little effort and no cost. Machinery? Pah! people power.

Many thanks to all who enjoyed the shooting and came to help. It makes the club what it is.

I hope you all continue to enjoy it.



We didn’t have a work party but…

We had a few jobs to do on the range so some of us went along on Saturday to sort things out. It turned out to be busier than expected. Frank and George travelled the perimeter and added all the danger signs, recorded them on a map ready for our saftey certificate inspection.

We had a pile of Sand bags and the new targets to move up range so we shifted that lot in the 4×4’s ready for installation in the butts.

The new targets are now fitted and the useable parts stripped from the old ones for spares. We have reused the old target fronts for now but will be ordering some new ones at some point.

The front mantlet has been refilled with sand and covered to stop it washing away. The repair will last longer if you keep your shots on the actual target!

The 200 hut has. Had non slip strips added to the steps and has been tidied up. Woe betide anyone who leaves the hut untidy or damages the new targets with an un-zeroed gun!

The Barricades have been reduced in height by 3 inches so no more shooting on tiptoes!

So a few jobs turned into a long day so thanks to everyone who came along. I would have asked for more help but I didn’t realise the sand would be available this weekend. We will have to form a human chain up the bank to add the sand to the butts and we will do this during the next few shoots so don’t worry you will get to lend a hand.

From me and on behalf of all the members I would like to thanks those who made this possible as it has been a huge effort on the day and for weeks beforehand to get this lot sorted.

Many thanks to:-

Sid, Andy and Ewan Reed, (alternative) Andy , Frank, George, Phil, Paul, Jeff, Nick,

I did a bit but had some help.

Scoped Rifle Shoot and Range Works

Well we seem to have been quite of the web front for a bit but there has been plenty going on I can assure you.  We have some work to do on the range this weekend but hopefully this will be done on Saturday.

We are going to move the new targets from the club house up the range and see if we can get them installed and working. Sid and his Technical Crew will be dealing with this. At this stage we can’t tell how it will go. The targets are very heavy to move but we should have enough bodies for this and the real work will be on the electrical side.

We also aim to reduce the height of the Service Rife Barricades as they are a bit too high at present. There are a few other minor jobs we need to get done.  We wont be needing volunteers this time round as the main work will be electrical and that will take some time to sort out. Dont worry if you want to help there will be a work party fairly soon to move the sand up the range to fill any holes in the backstop. That will be something we will need help with and we will let you know when that will be.

The shoot on Sunday should go as normal. It is a Scoped Rifle in the calendar but there is always a possibility that we may have issues with the targets as we cant be sure if the installation is completed. Sid will let me know at the end of Saturday where his team have got to so if there is any news I will post it on the web.

To be on the safe side the fall back position is to have a gallery rifle  / handheld shoot if the targets play up so make sure you have something for close range handy in case it goes pear-shaped.

See you Sunday

This Sunday’s Published Shoot

Unfortunately this Sunday’s shoot is cancelled as the cycle race prevents access to the range. The next shoot in two weeks time on Sunday 14th is scoped rifle and this should be ok however we do need to do some work on the range that weekend so there may be a work party as well / the day before / instead of – not sure exactly what or when yet.

Will keep you posted

Bill & Tom 3 July 2016

A very nice day after all this rain for the Queens II Bill & Tom Shoot. No idea why it is called that, it is lost in the Dorking history. It was a useful preparation for the forthcoming NRA Imperial Meeting. That was the plan and I certainly need the practice!

Some good shooting by the Modern boys and some tricky wind (largely unintelligible) picked up at 500 and 600. Well done to all those who turned up and had a good time.

The next shoot is a practice and the annual Cycle Race has forced a range closure on the 31st July so there will be no shoot that day.

The Scores are on the results page.

Service Rifle 3


Well A good turnout and a nice shoot. No drama and everything went without a hitch! some excellent shooting and with some shooters scoring 50 in some stages, this needed a decent AR 15 but still well done. Before the modern shooters start feeling to smug its worth remembering that while we had a to Modern score of 187 (AR 15 with a scope) the top Classic shooter was a 174 with a No 4 that has to be 70 years old so respect to Neil for an excellent score.

Anyway it’s not about the score (although I wish I had shot better) it’s about having a decent day out and we all won on that score.

Some video of the mad minute & bayonets etc.

See you next time for the Bill & Tom