Handicap Cup Sunday 23 October

The Scores are on the Results page – well shot in difficult conditions. the weather was great but the targets were hazy and the sight picture was difficult for TR and still tricky for a scope. That’s my excuse anyway!

Nice day anyway. The next shoot is a Gallery Rifle one at 100 Yards.

See you there.

Service Rifle 4 Sunday 9 October UPDATED

Long day and on a short pass. Scores on the results page. Well shot everyone it was a nice day. I enjoyed it and I hope you all did too. I have been promised some photos so I will post them when I got them.

Now some pictures of the day

img_1937 img_0966 img_0952  img_0936

These are getting popular – and I want one!!

See you next time.


Revised Links

I have updated out links to other related organisations that is on the front page of this web site. I have added linkts to Reigate Gunmakers owned by member Stephen Glasspool and to Crispin Engineering owned by Member David Crispin.

Check out their web sites and to those of other members listed (Sporting Services). There is plenty to buy!

25 Knight Cup/Gellibrand Shield Sunday 25th September

Update – Sorry forgot to add the scores. They are now on the Results page.

The shoot is 2×15 at 600 shot twice (once for each trophy) We had a decent turnout and I lost count of the number of shooters however not everyone put in a score card. Come on, next time put a score in and dont be shy!

Anyway the 600 & 600 shoot was won overall by Rob Bennett with   143.14 who was well ahead of his nearest rival. The Scoped was overall won by Bob Spottiswoode with147.17.

The TR Comp is two trophies and Rob won both of these with the Scoped individual comps being Knight Cup Neil Butler and Gelliebrand Shield Bob Spottiswoode. Generally it was a pleasant day with no rain and plenty of sun, It was a bit breezy though and that caught a number of us out.

There was an eclectic mix of firearms with AI derivatives proving popular


On a personal note my Black Peltor Electronic Earmuffs were returned  so thank you to whoever had been looking after them!

The next shoot is Service Rifle so get yourselves sorted out for that – see you then.

Gravett & Marlow Cups 11 September

Just time for a quick update

Scores are on the results page in pdf and Excel formats. (the results for the last McQueens have been updated to pdf as well)

Well shot – over 30 shooters attended, only scores seem to have come in from the TR shooters and as stated we welcomed teams from the Sussex County Rifle Association and Bookham (who were there after all). All are welcome and it was great to see so many enjoying the facilities.

To those who came along today as guests – I hope you enjoyed yourselves and you are welcome again. We are expecting a large turnout for the Remembrance day shoot in November.

Top shooter was our very own Mr Cotton with a 150.23. Sussex won the team shoot with the Sussex A making 582.66 against Dorking’s 568.57.

The next shoot is TR and all are welcome to that so see you then.

Pass has expired so got to dash



Modern McQueens

Busy day today I gather with over 36 in attendance so a nice day for a shoot. Pity I missed it but I doubt I could have beaten the high scores we saw.

I don’t have any pictures of the day so if anyone has any the send them to me and I will post them

The scores are on the results page. I can’t covert the file to PDFs from here so that will have to wait. The file is an xlsx format so if you can’t open it I will create a  pdf when I get home

So well shot everyone and I’ll see you at then next shoot.

I hope it didn’t rain but if it had then I doubt there would have been so many

Anyway I hope you enjoyed it

I had to put up with a different view today


Scoped Rifle Results

Great turn out today 21 score cards handed in ane many more shooters came along for a blast as well – Not sure how many as there were too many to count. The work and effort yesterday paid off and we had all 4 targets working without a hitch so great work all.

The shooting was decent and the top score went to Alistair S with a score of 149.27 Barry was second with 148.21 There were two more scores of 148.17 from Vince and me but he won third place on a 600 countback finishing 5,V,5 and i finished V,4,V – Vince I know you are watching – I don’t always fix the scores!

However having said that this was round 2 of the scoped Rifle shoot and the overall winner of those who put in a score for both events with 293.29 (X300) was er,me. So Vince perhaps you are right. The scores are on the results page and no, I don’t fiddle them.

We had some fun as well and Phil had a new toy that we had to try out it’s a 5.56 MARS Trigger

release VZ58 –


Means the trigger on the first pull releases the working parts forward and then a second pull fires. Its a lot of fun and we only wish Phil has bought along more ammo for us!

There was a big pile of sandbags in the butts – they needed shifting.


The committee has discussed how to move these for ages and we have had many suggestions of mechanical means and witchcraft / helicopters etc. In the end it was a very old-fashioned human chain. We did this in between 300 and 600 stages (that way everyone who was present got to help!)


Two lines filling the butts completely and we shifted 4 pallets worth of sandbags in about 15 minutes with very little effort and no cost. Machinery? Pah! people power.

Many thanks to all who enjoyed the shooting and came to help. It makes the club what it is.

I hope you all continue to enjoy it.