Work Party Sunday 10th September Update

The work party took place on Sunday and was a great success. We got lots of essential jobs done and a huge thank you for all those that turned out to help.

Running the club takes a massive effort and any pair of hands is appreciated. I wont list all the stuff that got done or individuals by name – you know who you are – Many Thanks.

The manual targets have all been refurbished and fixed up. We need to store the Fig 11’s flat as leaning them up against the wall causes damage at the top. The target hut has been tidied up so please keep it that way.

Thanks again for all your help.

The next shoot is a TR 300/500/600 (I think) we have guests attending so please make them welcome and try to keep the Muzzle brakes away from the TR shooters.


Sunday 6 August Scoped Rifle 2 Update-Scores

Course of Fire added to the COF page. Read it and be prepared!!

The scoped rifle shoot is tomoprrow and I have created a course of fire to make it interesting. It will not be a spray and pray shoot and if you cant hold a decent zero at 300  you will not be allowed to continue. Fun though they are VZ 58’s are unlikely to qualify.

See you tomorrow.

170806 Scoped Rifle Shoot

Sunday Update

Scores added to the results page – well shot everyone. It seemed to go well but we need to work on the COF to make it run a bit quicker. It is still work in progress but it was fun all the same.

A couple of notices:-

We have ongoing security concerns and there seems to be all sorts of additional threats to us and our sport.

For security Reasons We have removed all the historic results. In future we will post the results with the names as First Name / last initial. Previously this was first initial Last name. We have resisted password protection on the site to date as everyone forgets them. We will see how we get on with the current set up.

The results historic results are available on request.

There was an incident where a member was called by someone purporting to be a police FEO. Beware of spoof calls / emails and ensure you are not being fooled.

If in doubt check.

Sunday’s Scoped Rifle shoot will be a further experimentation of the hand-held Fig 11/12/14 targets at various distances. Last time it seemed to work well so come along and we will see what we can arrange.  See you then.

Service Rifle 3 – Sunday 9 July 2017 – Updated

This weekend we are on Service Rifle again and the course of fire has been posted to the Course of Fire page. If this is difficult to find then there is a further link below:-

170709 SR 3 Course of Fire

I think I have got the details ok but I am sure someone will point out any errors! Anyway get your service rifles out, grab some ammo (don’t turn up with just 20 rounds) and enjoy yourselves.

Usual rules apply and I will see you then.


Hot and busy day – Scores added to the results page. Well done all.

Appeal – We have a work party coming up and as usual half our tools have disappeared. If you have any spare tools (we could do with a couple of hammers (ours walked) in good condition you would like to donate to the club we would be grateful.

There will be a work party on Sunday 10 September so please come along and help us sort some things out – it will help the club and shift some of those holiday pounds!

Bring a spade as there is a trench to dig! (loads of other fun things as well)

Modern McQueen Sunday 26 June

A great day and a strong turn out. The results are on the scores page. Some excellent shooting (and some where more practice may be needed) Kevin Webb managed a 50.10 as an opener, what a pity he missed the shoot off at lunchtime (only joking Kev).

There were 4 other scores of 50 but no more with so many ‘V’s.

It was nice to make it to the range myself after what seems like a long absence for a variety of reasons. Anyway a great day and thanks to those who helped out.

On a housekeeping note I have to ask all members to be careful with other people’s equipment. A rifle was knocked over and left with a boot scuff on the moderator.

Watch where you are walking!

Further please be careful when adding you kit to the Mule as stuff already in there gets crushed and can be damaged. We can do a further run in the Mule for kit if needs be.

See you next time for the Service Rifle.

Sunday 11 June Knight Cup/Gellibrand Shield Results Added

The web pages seem to have been a bit quiet of late, a combination of travel commitments and lack of things to say in general. We have all been ticking over and often ‘No news is good news’.

Anyway we have the Knight Cup/Gellibrand Shield on Sunday and this a TR Queens 2 being 2×10 at 3/5/6 so a good all round days shooting to be had.

All are welcome and the Range Officers will make sure that no rifles with a muzzle brake will be squadded at the same time as the TR shooters and these can be a bit anti social. We all manage to fit in with a bit of organisation and care.

I did get a flyer from the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust who have organised a ‘Shoot Walk over the land adjacent to the range hosted by the estate and the local game keeper.  The details are in the pdf attached if you are interested.

Surrey shoot walk-revised 5 June

Shoot well tomorrow and I will endeavour to update the scored when I get them. If any of you have any reasonable pictures of the days activities I am always happy to post them.



Update – Scores added to the results page

Serice Rifle 2 Sunday 14 May Updated

I have updated the scores on the results page from Sundays shoot. Sorry I missed it and for the delay in posting. I have been a bit tied up. Anyway it looks as if there were some good scores with the modern rifles not being that much in front of the classics.

All good fun, the next shoot is a Gallery Rifle so dig out the toys and enjoy yourselves.

The RCO course is now full and Paul will be contacting those who have subscribed and asking for some cash. The club is subsidising the course as having qualified RCO’s benefits us all. Good luck to those taking part as it is not easy and is a high level qualification.

If you are still interested then Paul will no doubt have a waiting list if anyone drops out. The course will run at the end of September.

Kirby Cup & AGM

Sundays shoot saw the Kirby Cup with around 20 shooters in attendance (based on the number of cards I ended up with) We used the refurbished 500 yard point for the first time with good results and saw some decent scores overall (see the Results Page).

Those of you who stayed on for or attended the AGM, thanks for your support. We have had a good year and although progress in some areas is slow we still move forward positively and in a sensible direction. The current committee was re-elected and were joined by Andy Reed and Neil Butler. Nick Baulf has agreed to be our new accounts examiner.

Finances reflect the increased expenditure but we do not intend to increase the membership fees at this time so that’s good news for all.

We have some work to finish off on the club house still and then we move on to fixing up the target hit that needs some attention.

Plenty to do so if you feel like helping out we would be happy to hear from you. There will be a work party this summer at some point – details to follow. Dont Forget we are running an ACO course so if you have not advised PAul Upward of your interest then please do so. It looks as if we will aim to run this on a non shooting weekend in September.

The next shoot is Service Rifle.