Serice Rifle 2 Sunday 14 May Updated

I have updated the scores on the results page from Sundays shoot. Sorry I missed it and for the delay in posting. I have been a bit tied up. Anyway it looks as if there were some good scores with the modern rifles not being that much in front of the classics.

All good fun, the next shoot is a Gallery Rifle so dig out the toys and enjoy yourselves.

The RCO course is now full and Paul will be contacting those who have subscribed and asking for some cash. The club is subsidising the course as having qualified RCO’s benefits us all. Good luck to those taking part as it is not easy and is a high level qualification.

If you are still interested then Paul will no doubt have a waiting list if anyone drops out. The course will run at the end of September.

Kirby Cup & AGM

Sundays shoot saw the Kirby Cup with around 20 shooters in attendance (based on the number of cards I ended up with) We used the refurbished 500 yard point for the first time with good results and saw some decent scores overall (see the Results Page).

Those of you who stayed on for or attended the AGM, thanks for your support. We have had a good year and although progress in some areas is slow we still move forward positively and in a sensible direction. The current committee was re-elected and were joined by Andy Reed and Neil Butler. Nick Baulf has agreed to be our new accounts examiner.

Finances reflect the increased expenditure but we do not intend to increase the membership fees at this time so that’s good news for all.

We have some work to finish off on the club house still and then we move on to fixing up the target hit that needs some attention.

Plenty to do so if you feel like helping out we would be happy to hear from you. There will be a work party this summer at some point – details to follow. Dont Forget we are running an ACO course so if you have not advised PAul Upward of your interest then please do so. It looks as if we will aim to run this on a non shooting weekend in September.

The next shoot is Service Rifle.

Annual General Meeting

The General Meeting of The Dorking and District Rifle Club will be held at 2.00pm on Sunday the 30th April 2017 in the Clubhouse.

Draft Agenda

1) Introduction.

2) Minutes of the last General Meeting.

3) Committee Report.

4) Treasurers Report (including a provisional statement of Club Accounts and appointment of an Examiner of Accounts).    

5)  The election of the Committee members (see below), President, Vice Presidents and the appointment of an Examiner of Accounts.    

6)  Any other business

Easter Sunday – The McQueen – Update

This Sundays shoot is scheduled to be the Classic McQueen at 200 yards. If you dont know what this is then see the COF page for details. There is a trophy for this (somewhere) and this is for Classic Rifles. As ever all are welcome but the comp is for Classics so dig out those No 4T’s M41B’s O3A4’s 91/30’s etc.

Great day – very busy and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

The socres are on the resutls pages. so well shot all. Rob B proved that with a scoped single shot target rifle is not a handicap.

See you at the next shoot in two weeks

Service Rifle 1 Sunday 2 April Updated

No time for a long post but it was a good day with a strong turn out. Scores on the Results page. Well shot all. I have to admit to Rifle issues and that I was soundly beaten by Phil! He is of course delighted and I thought I had better fess up as he will be telling everyone anyway (oh the humiliation!) I should have taken the M14. It will take a while to live that one down. The next shoot is a classic McQueens at 200.

A selection of photos below:-

We have also got closer to organising the RCO course so as I cant find the original list of those interested then please re-register your interest. It is a two day course.


Beginners Reloading Course

A reminder from Graeme

Tthe reloading course for beginners starts 7 pm sharp this coming Tuesday evening 21/3/17. Any others that want to come please contact me but this is only for beginners as an introduction .
Many thanks Graeme

Scoped Rifle 1 5 March 2017 – Update

Well the weather wasnt kind today but in reality we have been lucky of late so it was inevitable that we would get wet at some point.. But did we actually get wet? You had to have a bit more gumption and turn up to find out.

We took one look at the rain and decided the stick with a 600 yard shoot and so the kit could stay in the dry. Aah but the shooters? Well we have acquired a Gazebo, only room for three shooters but there were only a few of us so that was fine.

img_2211 img_2210 img_2209 img_2208

After a bit the rain mostly cleared and there was the odd comment about the sun in the face! Anyway everyone was dry.

The revised course of fire was Fig 11 snaps and Fig 12 snaps at 600. We tried Fig 11 / 12 targets as moving targets for the third detail.

The shooting was mixed and it certainly shook things up a bit with the pressure of snap shooting and limited sighters.  The top score was Rob B who is an excellent shot but the surprise was that he used a scoped single shot target rifle. Proving its how you shoot rather than what.

The moving target was particularly difficult as we had no real idea where to aim.

We can expect to run this shoot again as it is a considerable challenge.

So well done to all those who came along. Scores on the results page.