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Service Rifle Shoot, Sunday 5 Sept – Updated, Results

Update – Scores posted to the Results page, Well shot everyone.

Sundays shoot is Service Rifle as per the schedule.

The Course of Fire has now been added to the Course of Fire Page

We have shot Service Rifle enough for you to all know the drill and bring at least 52 rounds of ammo of your choice.

On a topical note we are sort of back to normal in terms of Covid but I am assuming that everyone has had or (in the case of the younger memebers) is getting their COVID jabs. We have not formalised a no jab no shoot policy (I have not got around to raising it with the committee) but I think / hope you all agree that having a jab will keep us all safer. So if you have not had a jab or have some objection to getting one can you advise in advance if you wish to come shooting and we will discuss it accordingly. Its a bit of a contraversial topic for some but we are careful with firearms and need to be equally careful with our health. Most of us are not as young as we think we are.

See you on Sunday

NRA Range Safety Officer course 4th/5th December 2021

As a club we take range safety very seriously, and the Committee view it as important to maintain safety awareness and for the club to provide training courses from time to time to enable as many club members as possible to become fully qualified in range safety matters. Following on from the success of running the previous NRA RCO course at our Boar Hill clubhouse back in 2017, the club has now arranged to run another similar course at our clubhouse in December. This course will be a NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) course which is essentially the civilian private shooting club range version adapted from the NRA Range Conducting Officer (RCO) course which was primarily designed for military ranges.

Arrangements have therefore been made with the NRA Training Coordinator at Bisley to run a NRA approved RSO course at our clubhouse in Dorking on the weekend of 4th/5th December 2021. The course runs for two days from approx. 09:00 to 16:00 each day. The cost to those attending the course will be the NRA’s individual RSO course attendance fee of £78.00 (reduced to £47.00 for under-25s) for NRA members (these attendance fees are marginally higher if you’re not an NRA member). Separate to those individual fees, the DDRC Committee has kindly agreed that the club will pick up the costs of the NRA course instructors.

Spaces on the course will likely be capped at about 15 attendees and will be filled on a first come first served basis. If there are significantly higher numbers of members wishing to attend this course then the club will look arrange a further course in Spring/Summer 2022.  Those DDRC club members interested in attending this December course should email   and include their name, email address and mobile number. Please be aware that the list will close at midnight on 6th September 2021.

Scoped Rifle 1 Sunday 8 August UPDATED

Update – Well, true to form the weather was pretty awful but unlike other times we have run this shoot we managed to get the COF completed and aside from the weather nothing went wrong. I think we are sort of there with the course of fire although the timings may be tweaked a bit.

The scores are on the results page and well shot Andy (no not you – the other one) for putting in a score of 197 out of 200. Given that all the stages were timed and it was windy at 600 this was good shooting.

I specifically set the timing to make it challenging and it even caught me out and at the end of the first stage I seem to still have 3 rounds unfired when the target disappeared. Anyway that’s the challenge.

Some of you may have noticed the next shoot being listed as a pre-booked one – this is a mistake (blame me). The next shoot is a 100 yard Gallery shoot.

See you then.

PS the committee did meet today after a long gap and I can report that the clubs finances are looking healthy and we have a greed a program of renewals and refurbishment so we continue to move things steadily forward on your behalf

Heads up – we will be running another Range Officers Course later this year, details to follow.

Barclay Cup 12 July – Update

Shot at 300 and 600 today due to an issue with the 500 electrical supply we had a busy day but conducted promptly and avoiding any rain – always a bonus.

Scores are on the results page. Both the TR and the scoped Rife were won with possibles so no problems with the standard of the shooting.

In all a very pleasant day.

The next shoot will be a 100 yard Gallery rifle so see you then.

I thought I would a comment on yesterdays shoot. I should have made it clearer in the range briefing so I will say in now in the hope that we remember for the next time.

When shooting a competition the comp card has to be shot first and if the COF is 2×10 (two Sighters and ten to count) then you shoot two sighters and then ten to count not unlimited practice shots until the rifle is zeroed and then 2×10. Also if you shoot on the wrong target then the score is 0 (you missed).

We all shoot under the broad NRA rules and the comps have to be fair. That’s why you mark each others targets and call out the score you are recording. Lets try to do better at the next one and I will try to make it clearer in the briefing.

There is no competition at the Gallery Shoot! so see you then.

The British Sniper – Steve Houghton

Steve G has asked me to mention the above book that I’m sure a number of you in the club have a copy of.

Its an excellent read and the initial print run of signed copies has sold out. Steve lent his copy to a club member before lock down and he would like it back.

So if you have Steve’s copy of this book please return it (its not yours).

Steve is offering a pint as a reward for your honesty.

Sundays shoot is a 500 /600 event so see you then.

McQueen 27 June

Great shoot today and a strong turnout, We managed to dodge the poor weather and there was some good shooting. Its a while since we have managed to shoot one of these and this made it interesting for some.

The scores are on the results page

See you at the next one that is the Barclay Cup that is at 500 and 600. All welcome and we will see you then.

The Penguin Trophy 13 June – Updated

As part of our revised program we will be holding the Penguin Trophy that is historically a match against Horsham. Its usually held early in the year (hence the name, as its usually cold). Its a bit academic as most of the Horsham members are members of Dorking but we will work something out.

Im not sure if Horsham are going to put in a team (we might win) but we will hold it anyway.

The course of fire is 2 x 10 at 300 with a 303 and 2 x 10 at 600 with a 7.62 TR.

We will allow other rifles to take part so no one is excluded so come along in the spirit of the event those who wish to do the comp can do so and everyone else can shoot what they have and take part.


The scores are on the Results page. It was a hot day so those that turned out were grateful for a quick blast and home to the sunshine. This was nominally the Penguin Shoot and as Horsham didn’t put in a team we actually wont it!

I have to admit that digging out the target rifle after so long proved that I need to try harder! Still it was fun and I hope everyone enjoyed it.

The next shoot is the McQueen on the 27th so see you then

Service Rifle Shoot 23 May 2021 Updated

UPDATE Scores on the Results page – well done all – Good fun, See you on the next one.

Is back to normal so the next shoot will be a Service Rifle on Sunday 23 May. We are taking a cautious approach to reopening more fully so please be sensible.

Its been a while since we have done one of these so just to remind you we will start at 09:30 with the first detail at 100 yards and take it from there. You will need around 52 rounds to include sighters and you will be expected to do your turn in the buts (maybe more than once) and we will be mixing on the range all at the same time.

The club house will be open at times for signing in but will be locked during the shoot as we will be at the other end of the range.

The course of fire is below:-

Please read the COF in advance and be at the range on time wilt all your kit in time for a 09:30 Start. It will take us a while to remember how it all works but I think most of us are looking forward to a change or pace. If there are any questions then contact me via the club address.

Please note the revised shooting program for the remainder of the year.

See you on Sunday

Reopening Programme

With a view to the lifting of the restrictions the site has been updated with a revised shooting program (Back to Normal) for the remainder of the year.

The next shoot on 23/5 is Service Rifle so instead of booking it will start at 09:30 just like the old days.