The Bill & Tom

This Queens 2 shoot was today in temperatures of up to 27 degrees. It was hot inside a jacket and it looks as if it will be as hot for the Imperial. The brave wore shorts and tried to avoid the horse flies. After 10 am it was too hot even for them. Shooting in these temperatures was challenging (well that’s my excuse).

More photos have been added to the photo section showing an old picture of the range compared with a new one. We have moved the flag poles around a bit to keep them more in line so we can better judge the wind movements. Whilst these are not great they can move you out (aside from a thumping pulse caused by the heat).

The scores are in the Results section. We have had to use the new 500 yard point that looks almost too good to walk on. The photo below shows Mike telling someone off for putting an elbow dent in the point! He did a great job on the rebuild and in case you are wondering we had to move 30 tons of base layer to build these up the the current standard. We really have put blood sweat etc into the improvements.

Picture 050

There is a new range danger flagpole in the butts so you don’t have to go wobbling up the bank in the damp to find the old post hole – you have to have done it to realise it needed changing!

Still we move forwards with the next items on the agenda being some seating, gun rests and a 400 yard flag. We should have a specification for the concrete base for the pavilion fairly soon.

The next shoot is Service Rifle with a course of fire on the day.

Good Luck to all the members at the forthcoming Imperial at Bisley

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