Service Rifle Shoot

29 Shooters braved scorching temperatures on the range today to shoot the Service Rifle Competition. This is probably the highest number we have seen to date. There were a number missing who are ‘shot out’ having been at the Bisley Imperial Meeting last week (including Captain Comms the site moderator)

The shoot was a great success with traverse and advancing stages. We hope to be able to post some photos later but for now the achievements are on the Results page.

The look of the range continues to improve with FSL working on the view of the danger flags at the butts and the double sleeper front safety wall. We only had one shot through both sleepers and into the sand so we may have to fill the wall void with sand as well (in this weather the FSL guys love to be out doors and the exercise wont do them any harm (Sorry guys). They are working on more parts of the range and there is still loads to do but we hope you can see the improvements. We will post some more photos so keep checking the web site. You can sign up and follow the site and get notified if there is an update.

Anyway many thanks to all who helped out today, we cant do it alone and its your club to help make a success. Check out the results and we will put some pictures on later.

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