The Boar Hill

This years shoot on Remembrance Sunday approaches and we are expecting a high turn out. As a club we will be welcoming teams form Horsham, Bookham and Chichester so please make every effort to make our guests welcome.

We will not be running any start of the shoot Zeroing due to the likely high turn out so please have your rifle set up properly before the shoot.

Dave Crispin is unfortunately not well so he will not be able to provide the Burgers and do the cooking. Fear not Barry Springer has co opted Franco and Ian our SA contingent to organise a Brai (that’s a BBQ in the UK) We will have some venison sausages so pray the sun shines and  get in the Queue early to avoid disappointment.

The shoot is in aid of the British Legion and entry is £5.00 per head for all shooters (not just the competition) and you will have to pay for the BBQ as well. Sorry but its all in a good cause.

There will be a 2 minutes silence at 11 so listen for the whistle, hats off and keep quiet.

The Committee will on hand to keep it all moving forward as best we can but give us a hand by being ready and helping where you can.

See you there.

3 thoughts on “The Boar Hill

  1. Ron Platt

    Will there be 7.62 available for sale? If so, 40 GGG, please. Does anybody know of any RFD’s in Surrey/Middlesex selling RWS Geco 7.62?

      1. witstert

        Hi Paul, East Barnet would be fine. Thanks. It is listed under “Centrefire Sporting Ammunition” so is likely to be expanding and the price is £1+ per round. Caio, Ron

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