Well there was time for a quick shoot on Sunday. We had fine weather and a hight turn out of nearly 30 people.

As there was a distinct possibility of rain we got stuck in and were mostly out of ammo by 12.30 when we packed up and went home before the promised rain started.

There was a wide variety do firearms present from Rolling Blocks, Classic, and Modern etc. one of the more unusual was a manual L1A1 that we have not seen much of since their banning in the late 80’s. The one in the photo is a legal manually operated version and someone’s new toy. If you look closely examine the shooters eye!

Next stop is the service rifle so see you then.

1 thought on “The Hero Shoot

  1. Arbuthnot P Wilderbeest

    As with most Jedi Knights, I believe this handsome Gentleman is using the force…..


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