Service Rifle 1 2014

Well its that time of year and the competitions start allover again. I have added a course of fire to the relevant section so take a look and get ready. We should have the club gun available plus ammo and a bayonet.

You will need 42 rounds (maybe have a few extras to hand) a couple of chargers (clips,Magazines etc) and a bayonet.

Mr Ball thinks his new L1A1 can be in the classic class but he will have to be in the moderns. Yes I know its an Enfield Service Rifle but it isn’t really in the spirit of the WW2 and earlier stuff. He will complain but that’s part of the fun.

If you haven’t been to one of our SR comps before come along and have a go.

PS – You will need a proper Service Rifle for this sort of thing. We have a category for Classics and one for Modern Rifles

140119 SR 1 Course of Fire

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