Dorking 2014

To keep you informed I thought you should be updated where we are with the strategic plans for 2014.

Most importantly we are about to start building the much anticipated George Arnold Pavilion. As you will be aware there has been much said about this over the years and I won’t bore you with the problems this has caused so here is where we are.

The committee decided that in the interest of fairness that the whole project should be handled independently so the project is being managed by an independent project manager who has organised the re-tender outside of our influence. There has also been a massive effort in organising all the building and planning requirements that are too numerous to mention here.

It has been recommended that the proposed wooden structure was more expensive than we needed and it was in fact cheaper to build this out of block being more sturdy and cheaper.

The tender process has completed and based on the recommendation of the project manager we have now appointed a contractor who will start work as soon as possible with a view to completion in June 2014.

So that’s it. In a nutshell we are finally moving along and we will see the evidence of works starting very soon.

This will disrupt our program for 2014 and we won’t be using the 600 yard point for the first half of the year. The program has been adjusted to reflect this and so some competitions that used to be shot at 600 will have been moved to other distances. So what was a 500/600 yard comp previously will be a 300 and 500 yard instead for this year. No point in getting worked up about it, it will be worth it in the end.

The new program for the year has been posted on the Program 2014 page. A printable copy can be found on the following link

 2014 Shooting Calendar Post

Shooting Records

The Yellow Form that we remember will no longer be issued.  There is a shooting record that you can use here 2014 Record 2014 to cover your Dorking shoots.

The club will maintain a central record of shoot attendance as we are obliged to do. It is up to you to record your attendance to satisfy the police you are using your firearms enough to justify retention of your certificate.

If you don’t turn up for a year and don’t keep a record of your shooting then its YOUR PROBLEM not ours. So Use your Firearms and keep a record it will make renewals a whole lot easier.

 I recommend you keep your shooting records in a safe place and preferably scan a copy somewhere on the web as well as a back up.

 I think that’s all for now. Check out the program (that is subject to change depending on circumstances) download the forms and keep your records up to date.

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