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Range Open – Booking Closed 600 yard shoot on 6/12

Shooting Order Below

201206 Range Booking 600x

Turn up on time and go afterwards, no hanging about (it will be cold anyway!)

See you Sunday


Membership renewals coming out soon – good news, no increase!

Please take the time to fill in the Firearms safety feedback on the latest proposals to restrict our sport – link at the bottom of the page

The next shoot is 100 yards on the 13th You can book for than from now

We are reopening for all tier residents (we are organised out door sport with track, trace and COVID procedure) from 6 December for a 600 yard shoot.

We will have a 100 yard Gallery shoot the following week on the 13th as well.

The same rules as before. Don’t turn up too soon and leave at the end of your shoot. No hanging about for a chat!

Email the Dorking account as normal – see the booking page if you have forgotten the rules.

The Government are after us again so read this and fill in the survey and see if we can head off this one.

Firearms safety

25 October 2020 500 Yards Booking Closed

The next shoot is at 500 yards and the booking is open. We will be holding the Boar Hill remembrance Sunday shoot in November so its time to brush up on your TR Skills.

The details of the Boar Hill will be updated on the site once this 500 practice is completed.

You know the procedure so I will await your emails.

Booking is closed and the schedule is below

201025 Range Booking 500x

It might be raining on Sunday so it if is we may well be at 600 instead

See you Sunday – Autumn is here!


11 October 100 yard Gallery Rifle – Booking Closed

Booking closed

Schedule :- 201011 100 Gallery Rifle

We will only shoot one to a target and allow 10 minutes for the change over.

You will need to supply your own patches so there is no sharing

See you on Sunday

You can buy target patches at Multiplex Patches or Amazon Link below to to a uk company we have used so dont delay in ordering if you dont have any patches to hand

If you wish to add a replacement target then you have to bring your own staple gun. No sharing is permitted.

You will get a 20 minute shooting slot as before but there will be a 10 minute change over to allow for the patching etc.

Booking is Open

I have added a few pics to the Pictures page (thanks Chris)

Note – (Rant)

Someone (who will remain nameless) advise me that they had not read the notes on the shooting procedure and did not stick to the regulations as set out.

I have to say this is really slefish and we all depend on all those shooting to take care to be aware of the range instructions (there are specific pages on this site for this).

Please read the range instructions for these shoots and If you cant be bothered or think they dont apply to you then please dont come to the range again. We depend on everyone behaving responsibly so we can all continue to shoot and keep going.

Its not a big ask so please comply.

Sunday 27 300x Booking Closed, Squadding published and Shooting update

First – Shooting update

Based on the latest Gov restrictions and the advice from BASC I figure we are ok to continue as we are as we are currently meeting the guidelines / Restrictions.

You can read the advice in full from BASC here:-  Click here

It looks as if we are ahead of the game on this and we remain compliant. It remains for all those attending to be vigilant and not to hang around before or after your shoot. There must be at least 2m distance between those waiting to shoot and those shooting / finishing their shoot. Please comply.

With that in mind I have opened the booking early and I will publish the list next Friday 25th.

Gallery Rifle

We have been discussing the possibility of having a 100 yard Gallery Shoot. We can only use 4 targets per detail and we might have to shorten the shooting a bit to cover the need to change / patch the targets.

The sticking point is the time to patch up and the patches themselves. So if we run this you will need to bring your own patches so we don’t share anything.

If you are interested in a Gallery shoot and you are booking a slot for the next shoot and are interested in a Gallery shoot and if you are prepared to provide your own patches then let me know. If there is enough interest we will run one.

Be careful and see you soon.

Bookings for Sunday is now closed. The list is confirmed below:-

200927 Range Booking 300x

Dont forget to be careful and leave the range after your shoot.

See you Sunday.


6 September 2020 600 Practice – Booking Closed

Booking is now closed for the 600 yard practice on 6 September.

Here is the list

200906 Range Booking

See you then

You all know the drill and I will post the squadding on the Friday before the shoot.
While writing I have to thank the two Andy’s and Sid for undertaking remedial work on the targets. The targets are taking a bit of a battering these days and we need them to work for us all as Manual targets aren’t really practical at the moment.
This means you doing your part and making sure you aim for the centre of the targets and not using an un-zeroed gun. There was some considerable evidence of shots going near the wiring and potential taking the targets out of commission.
The evidence found lodged in the target is below.

Please be careful and take care.
Thanks again for the sterling work of the team who in their own time keep the targets running and us shooting.

2 August 2020, 300 Yard Shoot Booking Closed & Update

The next shoot is 300 yards and booking is closed

200802 Range Booking 300x

The squadding is above

To make it interesting (and due to the Ride Surrey) the next shoot is the week after as Ihad to move the schedule around when I sorted it out at the end of last year. We will get through this weekends shoot and then open the booking for the following week afterwards.

See you then


19 July 200 yards Booking Closed – Update


The squadding is below, see you Sunday

200719 Range Booking Final


We have amended the next shoot to be at 200 yards and the booking is now open

I have added new pages to the web site one for the booking procedure and one about club notices. Read the booking procedure as it saves repeating it each time.

The booking will be closed on the Friday before the shoot.

The email address, in case any of you are tempted to email something different is:-

The penalties for non-compliance are noted on the booking procedure page – you have been warned.

21 June  500 Practice Booking Closed & Updated

The Range Booking is finalised and below:-

200721 Range Booking

See you Sunday at your allotted time.

If there is a problem then let me know.

Above is a picture from the last shoot and it went well for the most part. There are some things to make clear as we work out the details:-

  1. Turn up, Shoot and Go. Love to see all of you and I think we all are happy to meet those we haven’t seen for a while but you have to leave after your shoot. We can’t have too many people hanging around. Nothing personal but off you go!
  2. Booking has gone ok and I will try to acknowledge a booking request. I had hoped to avoid this as it increases the workload but I will send you a one liner if I have had a booking request.
  3. If you didn’t get a reply and your name doesn’t appear on the list then ask on Friday, Don’t just turn up. We managed a few muddles last time but the shoots are filling up quickly and it won’t always be possible to move tings around.
  4. Thanks for waiting for the shoot booking to be opened. Please stick to the booking time and don’t email outside this as it makes it more work.
  5. If you have booked and can’t make it then please let me know as we can move someone else in. We had two no shows last time.

So that’s it for now, email your booking requests and we will see you on Sunday at 500 yards


Shoot 7 June 600 yards Booking Closed Schedule Published

The Bookings have been received and the schedule is published below.

200706 Range Booking

Please stick to the rules for your slots and for those of you who have booked we will see you on Sunday.

All shoots for the foreseeable future will be a single distance practice using 4 targets with one shooter per target using a pre-booked 20 minute slot.

Remember the rules:-

200520 Dorking Rifle Club Reopening Shoot Strategy V1