11 October 100 yard Gallery Rifle – Booking Closed

Booking closed

Schedule :- 201011 100 Gallery Rifle

We will only shoot one to a target and allow 10 minutes for the change over.

You will need to supply your own patches so there is no sharing

See you on Sunday

You can buy target patches at Multiplex Patches or Amazon Link below to to a uk company we have used so dont delay in ordering if you dont have any patches to hand


If you wish to add a replacement target then you have to bring your own staple gun. No sharing is permitted.

You will get a 20 minute shooting slot as before but there will be a 10 minute change over to allow for the patching etc.

Booking is Open

I have added a few pics to the Pictures page (thanks Chris)

Note – (Rant)

Someone (who will remain nameless) advise me that they had not read the notes on the shooting procedure and did not stick to the regulations as set out.

I have to say this is really slefish and we all depend on all those shooting to take care to be aware of the range instructions (there are specific pages on this site for this).

Please read the range instructions for these shoots and If you cant be bothered or think they dont apply to you then please dont come to the range again. We depend on everyone behaving responsibly so we can all continue to shoot and keep going.

Its not a big ask so please comply.