6 September 2020 600 Practice – Booking Closed

Booking is now closed for the 600 yard practice on 6 September.

Here is the list

200906 Range Booking

See you then

You all know the drill and I will post the squadding on the Friday before the shoot.
While writing I have to thank the two Andy’s and Sid for undertaking remedial work on the targets. The targets are taking a bit of a battering these days and we need them to work for us all as Manual targets aren’t really practical at the moment.
This means you doing your part and making sure you aim for the centre of the targets and not using an un-zeroed gun. There was some considerable evidence of shots going near the wiring and potential taking the targets out of commission.
The evidence found lodged in the target is below.

Please be careful and take care.
Thanks again for the sterling work of the team who in their own time keep the targets running and us shooting.