McQueen Pairs – Sunday 3 August

A note to all to clarify this forthcoming event. We trialled this at the Christmas Shoot and it seemed to be fun so we are doing it again – and why not!

It is shot with one McQueen Castle (per team) with two targets and two shooters. Targets are exposed simultaneously and the shooters have to decide who takes which target.

So you have 10 rounds each and no more than 10 hits on each target per detail. If there are more than 10 shots on a single target then you lose the highest scoring shot on that target.

Work it out with your buddy who will take each shot and don’t double up on a target – all in 3 seconds. The maximum score is 50.10 per target making a total of 100.20.

It’s not as difficult as it sounds and when we did it before it was great fun.

The club rifle will be available but it would help is members would share their rifles as there is only one club gun. Shoot with your mates and as its only a fun shoot. There will be no drawing random names out of a hat as it gets too complicated with latecomers.

It is a labour intensive shoot so expect to have several trips to the butts but we should be able to swap round fairly quickly.

Remember its supposed to be fun so enjoy yourselves and remember to lend a hand with the organisation. Briefing at 9.20 so don’t be late.


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