McQueen Pairs

Well that was fun and we will certainly do that again. Thanks to those who turned out and helped run the shoot. It was a great way to spend a sunny sunday morning. Not too many shooters so we all had a good blast. It was a bit of a confusing event to shoot and there was some fast decision-making and confusion with targets popping up in pairs.

You have to agree with your partner who is taking the higher/lower or the left and right shots and even then the blur your partners bullet made you realise you had to shoot at the other target and so a fast switch was required all within 3 seconds. Anyway it was a good event and lots of fun. Next time we run it come and have a go. There is a club gun and we had plenty of ammo.

The hardware present was impressive but unless you get the shooting on the correct target then the overall score didn’t make the grade as you were only allowed 10 scoring shots on each target.


The scores are on the results page. Don’t pay too much attention to the individual scores as you didn’t necessarily shoot every shot at the same target. It’s the overall that counts.

See you next time for the Service Rifle.

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