Oct 26 Scoped Rifle Shoot 2 2+15 @ 300 and 500 yards

Not much in the way of posts recently I see! Its been a bit quieter as the main project of the George Arnold Pavillion is initially complete. There are still however many (too many!) minor things to sort out and these are ongoing. Thanks to all of you who help out.

Anyway we have the Scoped Rifle Shoot on Sunday. The course of fire is 2×15 at 300 and 500 yards. We may well shoot the second stage at 600 yards so we can make better use of the club house. It doesn’t make much difference to the shooting but its less far to carry the gear and a cup of coffee between details is welcome.

We will not have ammunition or the club AI available as its carer has gone on holiday (lucky him) so sort your ammo out in advance and I will see you on Sunday.

We have the Boar Hill shoot coming up after this one and its a primarily TR shoot. We seem to have many promises of teams from other clubs so if you intend to enter a team let Mark now the numbers in advance so we can be prepared.

DONT FORGET THE CLOCKS CHANGE ON SATURDAY NIGHT.THEY GO BACK ONE HOUR. If any of you forget and turn up early the you can help the rest of us set up!