Competency Cards

The NRA have changed the requirements for clubs issuing Compency Cards to the point where we feel the revised regulations will make it too onerous for us to continue to issue them in 2016. You do not need one to shoot at Dorking.

We have a small stock of cards that we can issue up to an expiry date of 31/12/2017. These will be issued on a first Come First Served to members who request them before the end of the 2015 by emailing and requesting one.

You will have to:-

  • Request one before the end of this year – No exceptions. We wont issue them after 1/1/16 although we can distribute those prepared before the end of this year.
  • Be a full Current Member
  • Be considered Safe for the disciplines requested – Obviously.
  • Continue to be a member (send in your renewal for 2016) – I will be updating the renewal form and emailing them shortly.
  • Have to visit the range and collect the card and sign for it once you have paid your renewal.
  • Will have shot regularly at Dorking during 2015

Once again you don’t need one to shoot at Dorking and if you are an NRA member you can obtain one from them. It is not the clubs responsibility to manage your shooting on other ranges – we already have enough to do.

Request yours if you need one – If you snooze you loose.

Happy Christmas