31 January 2016 SR1

The Course of fire is on the relevant page so make sure you read it before hand. It saves time on the day. I know some find it fun to wind me up and not read it but on days when it may be chilly and damp it holds everything up. Likewise the only button you need to press on the radios is the PTT one (Push to Talk) or the Call one. Changing the channel and locking the handset is shall we say ‘unhelpful’.

Anyway rant over (for now) and come along for a blast, all welcome and we should have the club gun and some (but not much) ammo.

You are strongly recommended to buy your own ammo in sufficient quantity before hand. There are several members who are RFD’s so have a word with them I am sure they would be happy to help. The Club ammo is really ment for those who are going to use the club gun.

We would like to have all the membership renewals in by the end of this month so if you have not renewed please do so. We will be sending a list to the Police of all those who have not renewed by 31/1/16 and who have not shot in the last 12 Months to the Police as we are obliged to do. If you are on this list they are likely to  .. well best avoided if you can.

See you at the weekend.