The Boar Hill Remembrance Sunday Shoot 12 November UPDATE



A highly successful shoot with over 40 taking part. Huge thanks to all those who turned out to shoot and also those who took the time to com along and help.

No Boar hill Event would be complete without Barry and his famous Venison Sausages that he donates to the club and event. Many thanks to all.

The scores are on the Results page. The Individual was won by George C. with 100.14 and the teams by Wandsworth with 365.28. the teams were a bit tricky to sort out as not all clubs could field 4 shooters so the final scores are open to a bit of interpretation. There was enough 4’s to keep it like that although If I made it teams of 3 then it would have changed a bit but there you are.

More importantly we raised £260 for the Royal British Legion and that’s up from the 203.58 from last year.

See you next time.

This sunday is the annual remembrance shoot in aid of the Royal British Legion and veterans far and wide.

The event is primarily Target Rifle although all are welcome. We will run the usual system of getting the TR shooters through first, then the scoped non MB rifles and the ‘louder ones’

its 2×10 at 300 and 600

Entry is £5.00, proceeds to the legion for all those attending.

We will be welcoming guests from Sussex, Wandsworth, Chichester, Horsham, Bookham and probably one or two I have forgotten. The TR event will be in teams if there are enough to make them up.

We will see a welcome return of our very own Barry Springer and his fantastic BBQ skills along with the home-made venison sausages. If anyone wants to make a further contribution to the legion in return for a sausage then this is all in a good cause.

So if you are a Dorking member please make our guests welcome and steer them in the right direction if they look lost and if y ou are a visitor then welcome.