The Penguin Match – updated

A Foggy start but it cleared away and was a pretty decent day in the end. A good turnout, particularly for the 303 shoot at 300. There was a great deal of frustration in trying to shoot a post foresight using a round bull target. Most of us managed to vertically string the shots along with the heavy trigger pulls so get some not great scores. Going from a modern rifle back to one over 70 years old is a real challenge, We should probably do more of it.

The 600 shoot went fine although it was the first dusting off of the TR rifles with probably predictable results. This shoot is nominally a match against Horsham Rifle Club and one way or another we will get some teams together.

I don’t have the results yet so keep an eye on the site and I will post them when they are to hand.

The next shoot is Scoped Rifle 1 so I will work on the course of fire as we are trying to make these a bit more interesting / challenging.


The scores have been added to the results page. Well shot all. We had more 303 shooters that we have had for a while. Unfortunately Horsham were only able to provide 2 team members so the teams have been set to the top 2 shooters from each club.

That being the case Dorking won – we have not won this for a while so we are delighted to achieve this. The Top score on the say was Rob B who did very will with his SMLE, this comp is won with the 303 score as they are tricky to shoot on a modern target. We may have to consider making up some Top Hat targets for this in future.

There is a slight caveat in the scores and I have to declare ain interest here as I am also a member of Horsham Rifle Club. If i take the top 3 scores and put myself in Horsham (removing myself from the Dorking team) then they win by a whisker. My score has never been that important!

So as a member of Horsham and Chairman of Dorking its a tricky choice. I had better stick with Dorking but I will make it up to George and Rob with some liquid consolation at some point.


I have had to redo the scores as I got some of them wrong. It was a tie in scores between Horsham and Dorking with them creeping ahrad on V Bulls 163.5 V 163.13.

Close but no cigar for Dorking this time. Bu**er!

If you enjoyed the TR 303 we can fit some more in some time – let me know.

See you at the Scoped Rifle event next time.

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