Classic McQueen Sunday 15 April Updated

Busy day with a good turn out. Some very nice looking kit on display with classic rifles, 4T, L42, K98 and M41b. Scores were ok for the classics but is a small target to hit with a 3.5 power scope. Rob B got the highest classic score but it was with a P14 & Unertl x16 scope so it’s a challengeable qualification in the classic category. Still we aren’t that fussy and it was a fun day and its about having a decent shoot and not waving the rule book around.

The modern shooters did well and Andy B who hasn’t been along for a while hasn’t lost his touch.  The V count was low as it was all shot on a Fig14 200 target that has a tiny V bull.

The scores are on the results page and if there are any mistakes then it’s probably my fault!

The next shoot is the Kirby Cup and the AGM Afterwards