McQueens Shoot, Sunday 30 September – Update

Great day and we welcomed a team from 21 Kent Home Guard Rifle Club (21KHG). This was arranged as a friendly shoulder to shoulder.

We had plenty of shooters and some excellent scores. The scores are on the results page.

The top score was Graeme C who yet again claimed an unknown zero etc and then put in the usual 50.10. Well shot Graeme.  21KHG provided a challenge cup that Graeme won (should have got a photo) but we will re-shoot for this at a later date and we hope our visitors will return for a further shoot when they fancy a trip to Dorking. It was great to have some new faces and friendly competition.

Taking the top 4 scores from both clubs Dorking won overall with a 200 x 34 (max is 200/40) and 21KHG 196/12. So we pipped them, just, but we have the distinct advantage of having shot this before and being on home turf. Using Graeme helps as well. I expect we wont have it so easy next time and those of you who have shot this competition know its much harder than it looks.

The main purpose of the day was to enjoy ourselves and that we did.  Peter Z has passed on his thanks for the day and we hope to see them again soon.

The next shoot seems to be another Gallery rifle so a further opportunity to dig out the toys etc.

See you then.