Service Rifle 5 Sunday 25 November 2018 Update

Busy day but a bit damp. Luckily the Gazebos came in handy so we were able to keep the kit dry.

Some pictures from the day – Including our top lady shot.

Scores on the results page – well shot all. The next shoot is the Christmas bash.

The things we do know about the christmas shoot:-

There will be some sausage rolls ir similar afterwards

There will be some mince pies (if you bring some)

You will need to bring a wrapped gift to the value of £5.00 by way of an entrance fee.

The course of fire will depend on whether Andy & Andy are able to fix the electronic targets – It is a timely reminder of why we ask you to make sure your gun is zeroed and you know how to use it. Last time we had them out the wire got shot!

See you in two weeks