Service Rifle Shoot, Sunday 5 Sept – Updated, Results

Update – Scores posted to the Results page, Well shot everyone.

Sundays shoot is Service Rifle as per the schedule.

The Course of Fire has now been added to the Course of Fire Page

We have shot Service Rifle enough for you to all know the drill and bring at least 52 rounds of ammo of your choice.

On a topical note we are sort of back to normal in terms of Covid but I am assuming that everyone has had or (in the case of the younger memebers) is getting their COVID jabs. We have not formalised a no jab no shoot policy (I have not got around to raising it with the committee) but I think / hope you all agree that having a jab will keep us all safer. So if you have not had a jab or have some objection to getting one can you advise in advance if you wish to come shooting and we will discuss it accordingly. Its a bit of a contraversial topic for some but we are careful with firearms and need to be equally careful with our health. Most of us are not as young as we think we are.

See you on Sunday