The Penguin Sunday 20 February Update


Great day and we didnt get wet. It was certainly challenging shooting the 303’s at 300 given their age but it was certainly great fun to have a go. It was windy so there is an excellent reason for the scores (now posted on the Results page).

The match against Horsham was won by them with a 4 point lead. In reality Horsham could only field three members so it was teams of three. The Horsham Team are also Dorking members so nominally Dorking won both. Still it was fun and that’s the whole point.

The next shoot is the first Scoped Rifle and the course of fire is on the COF page (I am actually up to date with the site admin). See you then.

I am a bit late posting this but Sundays shoot is the Penguin that is nominally a shoot against Horsham (or Dorking members with a different hat).

The format is 2 x 10 at 300 with a 303 and 600 with a 7.62.

All are however welcome, we will take the scores for other types as well so don’t be put off. Its not complicated and we have done this many times before.

See you tomorrow and don’t forget to check out the For Sale page as there is a very nice AT for sale