Mc Queen Shoot Sunday 26 June Update


Scores are on the results page. To save blushes of some I have not named (and shamed) those who had trouble with the wind and missed. Well shot all, we have done better but it was breezy and there was a lot of heat haze.

We welcomed a team from Seal RPC who came along for an informal shoot. I took the top 4 scores from each club and posted Dorking with 198.28 (ex 200/40) and Seal with 147.14. to be fair to our guests it was an unfamiliar range so I’m sure they will thrash us next time.

Seal very kindly provided a trophy for the top score that went to Dan T with 50.7 so we are very grateful for that and made me feel a bit guilty we didn’t provide a similar gesture. I will think of something suitable next time.

So a busy day and great fun. The next one is a Service Rifle. – See you then.

Sundays Shoot is a McQueen at 300 yards. We are hosting some visitors from the Seale Rifle Club so there will be about 6 extra faces for an informal competition. Please make them welcome.

Most of you know the drill for the McQueen so be ready, prepare your kit and pray for good weather and working radios