The Boar Hill Trophy Sunday 13 November – Update


Busy day and a good turn out. We raised £150 for the Legion and there was some excellent shooting. The TR comp was won by Horsham with 380.36 followed by Wandsworth with 379.34 (very close). Third was Dorking with 370.23 so not too shabby either. The top score was Ryan with 100.12 (Dorking member of course) and the top Scoped shooter was Neil B with 100.16.

Full Scores on the Results page

The weather was ok but there was lots of fog and that made the target very difficult to see at times so that wasn’t easy. If you were lucky the wind blew the fog away, taking the round with it!

We managed to get through a large supply of sausage rolls, mince pies and chocolate and I have to thank all those who lent a hand to make the event happen. I have to include a mention to Sue who volunteered (I asked nicely and provided a bottle of Baileys) who came along and not only heated up all the food but declared the toilets a heath hazard and cleaned them all along with the kitchen so keep them clean in future!

A final bit of news is that we have after an absence of over 10 years managed to get returned to us the Boar Hill Trophy and Josie’s pot so those of you have been a member for a while will recall these and I’m delighted to advise these have been returned for future use.

See you at the next one

The Boar Hill (as its correctly called) is our annual shoot on behalf of the Royal British Legion where the proceeds go to charity. Its 2 x10 at 300 and 600 into teams of 4 if we have enough. Scoped Rifles can form teams as well to add to the fun.

We charge all members £5 per head to attend the shoot and this goes to the RBL. We will provide the some sausage rolls and perhaps a mince pie and if I can prevail on the my better half these may even be warmed up. We have about 4 to 6 shooters from other clubs committed so far so it will be a busy day.

I expect all of you have attended this before so the more support we get then the more we raise for charity so come along and support the club etc.

See you then