Work Party Sunday 22 Update

Update The work party was a great success and we had a strong turnout so many thanks to those who decided to turn up to ‘give something back’. The club depends on volunteers so any help is greatly appreciated. We manged to clear the excess sand from the butts, clear the drains and cut back lots of foliage before it gets in the way.

A good clear up for junk that has accumulated in the butts area. Its was hard work and there are a few photos of the results on the pictures page.

We hope to have the Service Rifle shoot on the next shoot date so we are off to a good start for the year. See you then and thanks again for coming along.

Sundays work party is a team event so all are welcome! The focus is to work on the butts area ready for the season.

The tasks on the list are:-

Move the spare sand up the bank to the box’s

Tidy up all areas and sort out the target hut

Remove all the accumulated junk to the car park pending a skip removal

Clear the drains in the butts and under the targets

Trim the foliage from 80 yards to the butts to prevent blocking of the line of sight

There may be more that we can figure out on the day and don’t be afraid to recommend something (and perhaps do it).

Bring whatever tools you see as relevant, particularly things for trimming the branches back, some drills etc for repairing any targets that need maintenance, A bucket for moving the sand (Sand into buckets and passed by chain up the bank)

Stout gloves but we will work you hard enough to keep warm – See you Sunday for a 9:30 start