The Penguin – Sunday 19 February UPDATED


Great shoot and a very pleasant day. Nice to see the older rifles coming out for the 300x 303 stage. These are challenging to use on a modern target size but it was still fun. This was a match against Horsham and this time round Dorking manage to win! To be fair it wasn’t serious and Kev was missing a 303 and shot both stages with a TR so don’t look too closely at the maximum scores. Its taking part that counts.

We have shot this comp against Horsham for more years than I can remember and it was this comp that got me to Dorking many years ago. So even if there is a few of us its still good to have a go.

The weather was great and everyone had a good time (well I did and Im assuming everyone did). Scores are on the Results page.

The next shoot is Scoped Rifle. See you then.

s shoot is the Penguin, so named as its often chilly and this weekend looks like no exception. The shoot is a 303 at 300 and 7.62 at 600, 2 x 10 at each and if there is time over then some more use of the targets can be had at 600.

We normally shoot a TR comp against Horsham and have been shooting against them for getting on for 15+ years. Several of the members are part of both clubs so we can always be flexible on who shoots for who. Don’t be put off as there will be classification for TR and Scoped rifles so come along and have a go.

See you on Sunday