Sunday 23 June Shoot Update

The good news is that the repairs to the firing points at 200, 300 and 500 yards are now completed. The bad news is that we can’t use them for a bit to allow the turf to settle and bed in properly.

Sundays shoot will therefore all take place at 600 yards (not such a bad idea given the weather forecast).

The shoot will consist of:-

2 sighters and 15 to count at 600 yards on a 500 yard target setting.

Then (after a break) further 2 & 15 to count at 600 yards on a 600 yard target setting.

The shoot will have Target Rifle and Scoped Rifle sections so something for everyone.

This course of fire is pretty much the same as we were going to have on the 4th August shoot so the competitions will run concurrently. So bring plenty of ammo and your wet weather gear.

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