The Barclay Cup & Range Updates

Well we had a fair turn out today given the promised weather. It was a bit windy but we stayed dry. It was all shot form 600 yards as the 500 firing point has been re turfed (see the photos Section). It also would have been handy had it rained (Luckily it didn’t).

Top score went to Tim Hammond who proved his hand loads are just as good as the club GGG ammo that we are now stocking for members. Its proved to be better than the MEN and the other alternative stuck in a number of guns so its GGG for the time being.

If you want to buy ammo for use on the range or use one of the club guns then remember to contact Mike Ball prior to the shoot. We only bring the minimum we need so if you don’t want to be disappointed then ASK IN ADVANCE.

We have added a number of photographs to the site showing the spanking new firing points at 200, 300 & 500 Yards. These have been built by Mike and Andy from Facility Solutions Ltd and are a big improvement. In the next few weeks we will be adding seating and some fencing along with some rests to keep the kit out of the mud. You can see from the pictures that the roadway is grassed over nicely.

We will be aligning the wind and danger flags soon so we can try to fathom the wind changes a bit better. If you take a look at the photo of the target number you can see that wind is the least of some shooters problems.

What About the Hut (AKA The George Arnold Pavilion)? – The site survey for the footings is being done next week so we will be able to determine the exact dimensions and thickness of the base and pilings required. Then our (independent) Project Manager is organising a re-tender for the build. We still want this done by the end of the year but as I am sure you know these things take time.

So for now take a look at the new range photos and if you have not shot recently then why not? The days of cattle rutted ground, uneven firing points and mud are history. We are moving the improvements forward for all of us to enjoy.

The next shoot is TR being 2&10 at 300, 500 & 600 Scoped rifles can shoot alongside TR just in case anyone doesn’t realise this.

And finally Jeff wanted everyone to know that he borrowed Mike’s AI and shot a higher score than Mike. Proof that it is unwise to lend you gun to anyone as they always beat you!

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