Scoped Rifle

Well no posts for a bit a and a leaking boiler here will shorten this one!  However a brief report on today’s shoot. Primarily this was the clubs Scoped Rifle shoot and a chance for the scoped boys to show just how good they are!

The main competition was F class so to make it interesting 500 was shot on 200 targets and 600 on 300 targets. This makes them ridiculously small and very hard to hit. Mike and Guy both got 74’s at 500 so that was an excellent score. Less to say about the 600 but Mike wins the cup. If we can find it then he can have it!!

The less brave (more sensible) shot on the normal size targets and there were some TR shooters as well. All the classes got along and we had a good day staying largely dry.

The results are in the results folder and there are some photos as well.

The targets have been completely rebuilt and and now have holes all over them. We are going to have to be much firmer with shooters who cannot hit the target within 3 shots. Get Your Rifle Properly Zeroed for the distance!

The target rebuild has improved reliability and the new faces are probably going to be more durable as there is no ‘black’ to shot out rather a different sized hole and you use the target rubber as the aiming mark. See the photo section and try helping set up or put away and see for yourself the improvements.

The next shoot is a TR competition with invited teams form Bookham and Chichester. There will not be time for plinking or zeroing at 9.30.


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