Sunday’s Shoot

Just a quick update to let you know that there will be no club riffles available on Sunday (Mike is elsewhere) we will have 7.62 ammo available on the day.

The shoot is TR with teams from Chichester and Bookham so please help our visitors and promote the club accordingly.  The course of fire is 2 & 15 at 300 and 600 unless the team captains a decide to amend it on the day to 2 & 10 at 3/5/6. ( it’s only two extra rounds) but this will depend on numbers and requirements.

In case there is any misunderstanding all members are welcome but if you are not shooting the comp you will need to follow the course of fire.  We intend to start at 9.30 prompt so there will not be time for any pre shoot zeroing at 100 yards so please make sure your rifle has a zero for each range.

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