303 Trophy

We had a fair turnout for today’s shoot but not too many takers for the 303 TR competition. It should have been at 300 and 500 but, how shall I put it, (summons tact) the shooting with the 303’s didn’t warrant falling back to 500 given that we have just had all the targets refurbished. Mike and Andy from FSL would have a fit so we elected to stay at 300.

The possibility of rain was another factor. As it was there was room for everyone to have a shoot and we were all off the range before the rain came in.

We will have to re think this event for future years and update it to the more appropriate course of fire/ distance. The results are on the results page (where else) but don’t feel you have to look at them. It isn’t easy shooting a 60-year-old gun on a target sized for modern rifles but keeping them on the target was hard enough (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

The next shoot is a 500 practice but please have your rifles properly zeroes before you come along. Whilst we can often (don’t count on it) have a couple of shots at the start of the shoot to make sure you are on this is not the same as having a proper centered zero.

You can only properly zero your rifles on a 25 yard zero range or at 100 off a rest (i.e. at Bisley) when you can take the time to zero the rifle to the ammunition, change the foresight heights / Blades etc. There is no substitute for doing it properly and it will save time and frustration on range days. We should have an update on the Pavilion project fairly soon so keep a watch on the web site.

We are going to have a for sale page for members to notify other members of items they wish to sell. The club will offer this to members but takes no responsibility for any part of any sale. it us purely up to you to deal with on a face to face basis.so if you have anything to sell then send details t:-


And we will see what we can put on the site.

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