Practice Shoot Sunday 29 September

Well the forecast is reasonable so fingers crossed. We are at 500 yards for a practice so I expect it will be fairly busy. That being the case we will be asking for additional volunteers to help with Range Officer duties so please help if you can. We will show you what to do an if you have an NRA RCO Qualification that will help.

We will have some limited supplies of ammo but no club rifles as Mike is working. So bring your own (Zeroed) Rifle or chat up a mate and see if you can borrow one on the day.

See you there ( you might even want to try setting up or putting away!)

Well we had the shoot. It was a quick one with everyone having a chance to shoot what they wanted and all went off without a hitch. The attached photo shows that if you forget your breach flag then there are other options. I bet you wont leave this one on the point.


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