Handicap Cup 13 October

The forthcoming Handicap Cup is going to be slightly amended to make it more practical and easier to administer. So instead of 300 / 300 / 500 and a strange handicap system that no one understands we are going to have a more normal Queens 2 shoot.

This will therefore be a 2 & 10 at 300, 500 and 600 yards. There will be a TR and a scoped Rifle competition. Depending on the turn out this year we may introduce a classification system for TR in the future similar to the NRA Classification (X,A,O & T). For now we are going to keep it simple.

If case anyone wants to know what is happening with the development of the hut this has been handed over to an independent project manager to sort out Building Control, Tenders, Plans and the Construction. This should ensure it is done correctly, transparently and no individual or body can be accused of exerting any undue influence on the proceedings.

We will keep you advised as and when we have anything to add.

If you have any questions then don’t forget to ask.

4 thoughts on “Handicap Cup 13 October

  1. Ron Platt

    Wouldn’t be the Macrae system would it? If anybody can explain it in detail, I will appreciate it? Does the Club have the software to obtain downloads from the electronic targetting system?

  2. Captain Comms

    We are not in a position to explain it and that’s why we aren’t using it so it’s a normal 300 / 500 / 600 comp. We don’t have the software for downloads from the system as we shoot in pairs with would be pretty meaningless anyway

  3. Huey

    So, you are taking a comp which levels the playing field for all (i.e. a handicap comp) and making it gun score because you can’t or won’t work a handicap system? I think this is rather short-sighted.
    Are we to see similar erosion of the handicap medals for the Arthur White Trophy, Garrick Cup, Kirby Cup, Bill & Tom Molyneux Trophy, Knight Cup and Gellibrand Shield handicap medals?
    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head when you mark this comp down as now just a “normal” 300/500/600 comp. There’s two of those in the calendar already (and one is the same format 2+7 at that).
    I see this ‘dumbing down’ as a retrograde step for the club and I don’t recall members being canvassed about changes to such an established competition prior to this.

    1. Captain Comms Post author

      You have not identified yourself so forgive the guarded reply. Quite simply there is a falling demand for TR and almost none for a handicap system. The method previously used remains a secret as the person who ran it refused to divulge or share the process.
      With the weather forecast I double we will get many today anyway and of the hardy souls only a few will bring target rifles.

      Overall offering Queens 1 & 2 shoots offer members the most shooting on a day and make the best use of the range so they are more popular.
      If we can get enough TR shooters we will introduce a class system to even things up. This will be either a simple A or B class or use the NRA X/O/T etc.

      If you still want a handicap system and can calculate the output we would be happy for you to work out the scores and the comp and similar can remain in the calendar. So are you volunteering?


      Captain Comms


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