Membership Secretary Needed

This is an appeal from the committee. We need a membership secretary to sort out the new membership applications and keep the records up to date. The current record is held electronically and it’s not too bad a job but we are all busy with other projects and could do with a hand. We have had a number of applications from new shooters and from friends of existing members that we have currently refused due to the need of an extra pair of hands.
Can you help?
We will support you with the tasks as much as we can so please think hard about how you can help the club.
Contact us using the contact form on the membership page.
Thanks for your support

1 thought on “Membership Secretary Needed

  1. Barry Springer

    Dear Sir
    I believe I would be able to fulfill this function and I am happy to help.
    I am still a probationary member, so I am not sure if I am eligible.
    I will be at the range tomorrow, so I can discuss in detail with you then.
    Thanks and regards

    Barry Springer


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