Handicap Cup

Well it was a bit of a wash out and due to low demand and horrible weather the competition was cancelled. Some hardy shooters shot from 600 and dived back into the hut for shelter.

The targets didn’t play up in the bad weather so that’s a good sign and we will sort out some Gazebos at some future point once we have the pavilion built so we have somewhere to sotre them.

On a Brighter note Chris Gordon has agreed to act and Membership Secretary so once he has got his head round it we should be able to re open the club to probationary members as we have a bit of a backlog of people wanting to join.

As ever we will keep you informed.

1 thought on “Handicap Cup

  1. Neale Parry

    Enjoyed the shoot despite the weather…..it took 3 days to dry my prone jacket though!


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