Membership Renewals and the Christmas Shoot

Its that time of year again and in an effort to get ahead of the game we are sending the membership renewals out later this week. So If you expect one and didn’t get one then let Chris Gordon know and if you have not had one in a couple of weeks let him know as well.

We would really appreciate early renewal so we can confirm the actual members and review how many of the probationer backlog we can accept in 2014.

We wont accept renewals or cash payments on the range (that’s how problems start)

So to the Christmas Shoot and the need to clarify a couple of points.

We are likely to have more members than club guns so if you have a suitable rifle (Scoped or Service Rifle) then please please:-

A) Bring them along

B) Share with other members – its Christmas after all

Not many of you will have a target sighted classic rifle for the round bull timed fire so if you have one – great bring it along and if you don’t then you can use a service rifle (No scoped rifles on that stage)

There has been a suggestion that pairs should be drawn at random out of a hat but this will only work if you all turn up at 9.15 for the draw so that system starts to unravel with latecomers. It is further complicated with random pairings not having the right guns and both wanting to shoot the same gun at the same time.

So, Its just a fun shoot, Pair up with a mate and share the guns with other members. Do a deal over the ammo or buy some off the club.

Don’t forget the wrapped present to the value of £5.00 and ENJOY YOURSELVES

Be prepared to lend a hand with the running of the event.

2 thoughts on “Membership Renewals and the Christmas Shoot

  1. Charles Smith

    From C Smith,
    I have not yet recieved my membership form as yet .the date is 3/01/14.


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