Sunday’s Practice Shoot – Update

Well We came we saw and we shot! 32 members turned out for a successful shoot and we all had a decent blast retreating before the weather went bad.

Picture 022

I have one of the usual shoot photos and a new one – yes the builders are on site! There is only a fence for now but the digger turns up Monday.

Picture 025

To those few of you who have not renewed your membership please note – We are getting busy and popular so if you don’t renew then this fine, please let us know but don’t expect to turn up in 6 months time with some odd story and expect to be let back in. It will be a full reapplication and probationary period if we have room. We are getting near capacity and really want to cater for members who are regulars.

Hopefully the fine weather will bring out many of you to the next 300/500 practice on Sunday.

We will not have the club guns available (Mr Ball is elsewhere)  but there will be some 7.62 ammo available if required.

See you on Sunday and remember to pay Chris Gordon your subscription if you have not already done so.

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