The Penguin

Well a fantastic day for shooting. The ground is drying out nicely and with the new equipment benches the mud is no longer a problem. We had a great turn out and most of us had too many layers and overheated It is march but felt more like June!

The top shot was Rob Bennett who put in a 44 with an SMLE at 300 and a 50 (with a 7.62) at 500. That sort of shooting with a 99 year old rifle is hard to beat so well done to Rob. The main shoot was a Team match against Horsham who by fielding Rob managed to scrap the lead over the home team.

Well that’s a bit of a fib but hey I write the blog. Horsham got 485.31 and Dorking got XXX no I cant say, oh well 414.15 so they thrashed us. Still everyone enjoyed themselves except one – see the photo below. Serves him right for digging up our firing points!

Results on relevant page

Picture 026

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