Odds and ends

Some Notices for your attention:-

1) 2013 Results Summary for all last years comps is on the results page. We will probably give out the prizes in the summer at the BBQ rather than the AGM

2) The AGM will be on Friday April25 in the main hall at Dorking Christian Center 8PM. This is your official notice of the AGM. There will be an email to members and a letter to non email members. We are not going to post a letter to everyone as it costs about £100 in postage to do this.

3) See the photos section. There is a big hole at 600 yards – yes the build of the George Arnold Pavilion has started. And the other picture has no caption (I’m told I cant talk about it) but suffice to say you wont be either sitting in the mud or have your gear in the mud at 300 (or 200)

4) See the new page on equipment. No more sporting rifles at Service Rifle Events please. This is mainly for newer members wondering what sort of things they need to get.

5) The Penguin shoot is on Sunday16th. 303 at 300 and 7.62 at 500. TR shoot against a team for Horsham Rifle Club (who are mostly members anyway)

See you tomorrow.

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