AGM Update

Well we had the AGM and it went smoothly and no drama. The committee and officers were reelected and will remain dedicated to moving the club forward and running the events as we have been doing.

The Hut build has been delayed by the weather and we will have to add some piles under the base to stop it sinking and then we can move forward.

There will be a change to the web site (this one) in that we will limit the historic data and minutes on the site in response to a members concerns. If you want to see old minutes and results you will have to email the secretary.

It goes without saying if any of you have an issue with an image or your name appearing on the site then you need to contact us and we can remove / adapt the data. Generally we make every effort to not identuify individuale etc.

Anyway tomorrow is the McQueen shoot so bring your scoped rifles along to 300 yards.


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