Modern McQueens

Another successful shoot. We had a bit of rain dodging but nothing too bad. Having three McQueen targets got everyone enough shooting and off the range before the heavens opened at 1pm. The competition was tough at the top with three scores of 50.8 in first place. As two of them were from Mr Clarke of Sporting Services fame then I (the other 50.8) conceeded and declare Graham the winner of this years Modern McQueen Event.

We have another McQueen shoot later in the year and I think a Pairs shoot is called for so find a friend and work out a strategy for how you intend to work it.

The next shoot is a TR comp so I hope to see all the TR shooters on the point and we will keep the muzzle brakes away from you!

The results are in the usual place

1 thought on “Modern McQueens


    I object to my name being used on the website, and it’s got nothing to do with me not coming first……..honest


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